Bjork Invasion: Eccentric’s Inspiration

Randomly browsing today on more muses..

For some reason, I forgot how Bjork looked like cos I still see her as the singer with the Catwoman hairbraid mask and spilling titties on the cover of  Medulla.

Photo from

 Quite frankly, I really like her. She just absolutely cant be bothered about how the world would think of her. Just look at some of the fashion worn by Bjork over the years:

Photo from

 I LOVE THE FEATHERS…Who would have thought of doing that honestly?

 Oddly enough…i found quite a few pics of Bjork that look pretty similar to Lady Gaga. Now we know where Lady Gaga  might have got some of her inspiration from..

Photo from

Photo from


Hmmmm…interesting. Okaybut back to Bjork 😀

Photo from

Photo from

Photo from happyvalleynews.wordpress

Who would have thought of this?!! “Have a swan hanging around your shoulders..that will be cool.” But I do love these photos of her

Photo from

Photo from

OOoo this is such a fun photo.. if i ever did a semi-nude shoot again, I would want it to be more nonsensical and fun 🙂

Which reminds me, gonna get ’em soon..

13 Responses to “Bjork Invasion: Eccentric’s Inspiration”
  1. jubileestars says:

    last photo’s my all-time fave! she looks like a playful forest sprite =D

  2. belt buckles says:

    shes dresses so amazingly, very creative and imaginative

  3. Rachel says:

    oh noo….i can’t see what’s the last pics! anyway you’re right anto…i never really found her beautiful but more….along the lines of “crazy bitch alert”…ala attack on reporter..but yeah she looks absolutely beautiful. You’ve instilled a lil’ fire inside of me for Bjork….THANKS. now i’m one of your Bjork fans…phoooeei. HHAHAH

    • awww pea..thanks ❤

      I always thought she was nuts man but after looking at all her photos, she's brilliant ah??!! im still amused that there are people who can make a massive amt of $$$$ from being this weird.

  4. Bjork has such an interesting look – mesmerizing, no matter what she’s wearing…a few leaves or an extravagant costume. Wow!

  5. adhi says:

    hmm… sexy… Bjork always look interesting…

  6. drey says:

    I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where her dress sense was the trend….

    hahaha i would not fit in….

  7. Allen Phan says:

    If only more people could hear this..

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