The New O.P.I Collection Is Out: Shrek

Wooohooo! I love O.P.I nail polish.

Not only is it long lasting with cute names and colour schemes, it’s really the industry leader when it comes to buying QUALITY nail polish. Each bottle is probably cheapest SGD $12.00 but I swear by it.

For the Shrek collection, not too sure about the colours for this collection though because it doesnt really look that good on my skin colour.

Photo courtesy of O.P.I Facebook Fan Page

I chose the closest option to my skin colour on the O.P.I website and these are how all the colours would look like:

What's with the Cattitude?

Rumples Wiggin'

Ogre-The-Top Blue

Funkey Dunkey

Fiercely Fiona

Who The Shrek Are You?

So cute right all the names? ❤

I think out of all the colours, I like Funkey Dunkey and Ogre-The-Top Blue the most on my skin colour..The rest will make my tan look really dull but hey, it’ll look different on different skin tones right?

Go check it out and play around with the colours 🙂

I think if you wanna buy it in Singapore, you can only get it online so far..The nail salons Ive been to dont have it yet sadly 😦

2 Responses to “The New O.P.I Collection Is Out: Shrek”
  1. drey says:

    it’s so freaky… that really looks like your hand. I want to try tooo!!!

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