Need a Makeover? Try 1 Year of UGLY

No no..honestly, I dont know what possessed me to try this out but I really did..

1 year of ugly when I was 16 yrs old

Yes…yes, I am a bit nuts and got a bit obsessive about my looks from time to time. I am sure you can be too honey 😉

Here’s why I did it and tell me honestly, after reading this – can you blame me? Let’s go!

1. My hair was up to my butt – COMPLETELY DAMAGED.

Growing up, Singapore did not  bring in any good hair products for curly hair. Im talking about zilch. Most of the products were your normal brands but Singapore is HUMID so not only did I need a rich conditioner, I needed something to counter the humid weather.

My hair was so long and dry, I did not know what else to do with it. So I ended up tying it up everyday and because of the weight, my forehead got higher 😦

2. I was so skinnny I accidently looked anorexic.

Some of you may want this but my body was not meant to be this skinny. I was pretty active in school and did dance and cheerleading simultaneously. So just imagine my training..

Normal Days

  • Mon and Thurs: Cheerleading training 3pm-5pm
  •  Wed: Dance rehearsal 3pm-5pm

Hectic Competition Training Days

  • Mon – Fri: Dance rehearsals 3pm-5pm
  • Mon-Fri: Cheerleading Training 5.30pm-7.30pm

I lost too much weight..The pic below was taken during graduation after all the competitions and exams were over.

3.Really Bad Complexion

This was just a screw up, my whole family has good complexion but me and I religously cleansed my face so, figured I used the wrong products.

4. Bug Teeth

I had the gap, my front teeth were completely not’s the most obvious in my IC photo 😦

Now..this is what I did for a full year..

1. I cut off all my butt-length hair and had a crop ‘do

Now that all the damaged hair was gone, I got the healthy hair growing. Got my cousins to send to me curly hair products from Australia. NO CHOICE 😦 But it did work though..made my dry hair from flat like this:

To this:

2. Had Braces..

3. I actually had to stop exercing excessively like before and put on some weight

I was 45 kg in secondary school..I am now 55kg 🙂

4. Stopped using lousy facial brands and went for the high-end stuff to clear my skin.

Guess what…I have combination skin of Oily and Sensitive -_- No wonder la my skin acted out..i was using the wrong products for my skin type!

I switched immediately to Clinique but although the skin was visibly more radiant, I still had some acne 😦

A cousin recently introduced me to Dalacin T acne lotion that can only be found in pharmacies. In 1 year, my face cleared. The only thing left is the acne scars..

This is me without make up.

My face is much fairer than the rest of my body for some reason..makes me look pale but at least no acne!! Still got some scars on the cheeks though but that’ll heal over time.

All this took 1 FULL YEAR…no joke ah my friends. I felt damn hideous during this period.

But although I didnt end up looking THAT fantastic, at least my teeth are align, acne has  somewhat cleared and my hair and body look healthier 😀



6 Responses to “Need a Makeover? Try 1 Year of UGLY”
  1. Ai Ling says:

    i love you lah anto. 🙂

  2. citrella says:

    Excuse me, I cannot see which part of yours was ugly. You look great throughout. I especially like your megawatt smiles 🙂

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