The Room Is Finally Finished

Finally man…. I tell you, it takes 2 full days to paint a room properly and clear out the junk. I only had 2 weekend nights so I think I did a pretty good job.

Some of you wanted to see the pics of the here they are 😀

I really need to fix my digi camera!

My ceiling still has the glow in the dark stars from my childhood…haha i didnt have enough paint la so left the ceiling alone for a while.

Sadly..i still have a pile of clutter in the corner to make “zen”..I really got A LOT of crap that needs to either be stored or thrown. And this is consider 3/4 thrown away already 😦

4 Responses to “The Room Is Finally Finished”
  1. citrella says:

    looking good 🙂

  2. hello Miss Anto,
    Looks like you’ve been quite industrious. Very nice indeed 😀

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