Bag Hangers Are Genius

Truly…whoever invented the “Bag Hanger” is a genius. I dont have to keep holding my bag uncomfortably on my lap,  behind me on my chair or KEEP HOLDING IT if I am at a standing table.

For those of you who dont know me, I always carry a medium-size bag. You will never see me clubbing with a clutch or a tiny bag. Sling bags or totes..that’s me. Hahah it’s my security blanket dont know why..and I always end up with my friends’ clutches in my bag 😀

Just look at how cute some of these Bag Hangers are…

Mentioned in

I know some of you will like this…comes with a mirror. Reminds me of my friend Dawn who always borrowed my mirror in secondary school:) Honestly, I think it’s a damn good present…all from

My mom will like this one from…she’s in one of those “animal print” phases.

I bought one at a Good Image booth in Raffles Place..damn cheap man! Charles and Keith sells it for about $20+ but I got this one for $12 😀

I can use it as a bag charm..especially if it’s a really pretty piece. But Im gonna use it on my gym bag cos after gym on Mondays, I normally go to Chijmes to meet Audrey for some dinner..and it’s damn heavy!

I even tested if this bag hanger can handle the weight of my bulky gym shoe bag where I dump EVERYTHING in…and the test… is.. successful!

Hehhhee yes, tons of shoes under my desk…just in case I need to go for a meeting.

Conclusion:  $12 for convenience….Worth it!

One Response to “Bag Hangers Are Genius”
  1. marie says:

    Handbag hooks are truly useful accessories. I have been a fan for years!

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