How To Get A Victoria Secrets Model’s Body In 3 Months

Yes, I am obesessed with researching things.

According to my palmestry person, my lifeline is pretty short so I WILL achieve my ‘Things To Do Before I Die” list before time runs out.

NOW…I know you all think this is not possible, but im aiming (i am using the correct word here ah – AIM) for 100% of my body to look like a VS model’s 😀

If not, i’m at least 60-70% of the way there which is still pretty okay what no?!  My gosh..if you dont find it okay, maybe ur a skeleton.

Now my friends, kittens and like-minded people..this is the PLAN.

Goal: VS model’s body

Duration: 3 months max (because I know i’ll procrastinate)

Target Weight: 48-50kg which will be muscle mass NOT fat

How to Get Your Body Looking Like a VS Model from

1. BODY:

Try to get in a 30 minute aerobic workout everyday! Do something you enjoy to stick with it. Try belly dancing, yoga, kickboxing or my favorite…dancing! Stretch for at least 15 minutes before and after and drink plenty of water. While we all can’t be 6 feet tall and 120 lbs, we can look good at our own healthy weight and be healthy. Then we get to work what we got with confidence!

Suggestions from on getting a VS Model’s body

Do squats everyday.. Its best to do them with brushing your teeth or watching tv. Just stand with your feet shoulder width apart and squat. Do about 15-25 a day, until you find an amount you like best.

Do crunches. People say these don’t work, but I have friends with the flattest abs in town who do up to 200 a night. I’ve started them and seen a more tone result. Be sure to keep breathing during the crunch, because if not you could make your pooch larger. Start with 25-50 and once again work up to any amount you wish.

For love handles, stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Lean to your left side keeping your whole body facing forward, and touch your left hand to the outside of your left knee.

Stand up straight again, then go down to the right side. If you don’t feel the muscles by your love handles/sides tightening adjust yourself until you feel it. Also, be sure to keep your whole body straight and facing forward. Do not lean forward to touch your knees, just go straight down the length of your leg; then back up again. Do abour 25 a night to each side. They won’t seem hard, but the next morning you will feel sore so don’t over do it.

2. DIET:

Try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, lean fish and chicken and healthy snacks. Keep a log of what you eat everyday.

“I suggest water. It has been proven that if you replace up to three sodas a day with water, you can lose up to 5lbs a week. Thats how bad soda is for you” –

Many of them go on those hardcore diets e.g. South Beach etc..Click Here to find out which one worked for them the best.


Other secrets from VS Models

1.  Ex-VS model, Selita Ebanks used tons of cardio exercises to whip her body into shape according to US Dancing for 1-2 hrs straight even at home, worked her harder than a personal trainer.

2. Eat more protein, less carbs (i think most girls have skipped rice altogether..FIERCE)

3. Marisa Miller cuts out Soda, Salt and Booze – they cause bloating!

“She starts each day with a bowl of steel cut oatmeal with 2 spoonfuls of maple syrup, a little milk, and some sliced bananas. During the day she snacks on an apple with a couple wedges of Laughing Cow cheese, or Flavor and Fiber bars.

As a special treat for desert Marisa indulges in some sliced strawberries or bananas drizzled with melted chocolate” –

Omg…now the real question, when are you gonna start this countdown Miss Patterson? *looks at my Famous Amos cookies next to my laptop longingly and back down at the stomach*

Fine 😦

77 Responses to “How To Get A Victoria Secrets Model’s Body In 3 Months”
  1. rett says:

    Nice one babe, and some really good info! I’ll get down to having such a plan for myself…. eventually…… but cutting out booze will never make the list!

  2. Kimberly Marsh says:

    OMG this is depressing! 😦

  3. NominMunk says:

    you can totally do it! be FIERCE!

  4. jaimee says:


  5. ali says:

    will your boobs get bigger or smaller?

    • I think it depends on the individual on where you lose fat first.

      For me, i lose boob fat first (how sad) but i have some friends that lose stomach fat first so it really depends.

  6. Jen says:

    6ft tall and 120 is not good looking. Trust me. I’m that and I’m enormous 😦

  7. arie house says:

    ok so im 103lbs and 4 foot 11 inches tall…do you think i could lose the weight any faster?

  8. Mirrey says:

    Great tips, look forward for a slim body this summer,

  9. Zoey :) says:


  10. kelly says:

    i think im going to try this im 15 5’9 and weigh 200lbs. I need to do this!!!!!!!!

  11. I’m 5″11 and 128 pounds but im still not victoria secret model thin! Whatever. i think im fine at my weight

    • That’s true too…absolutely no problem if you are perfectly fine in your own skin. Shows you have confidence 🙂

    • Tammy says:

      Actually, you’re really close to VS weight, just work on muscle tone. Muscle weighs more than fat, and it’s less dense, so you look trimmer at the same weight. At at 128 and 5’11”, you’re quite trim.

      • Hi Tammy,

        Aww thanks for the compliment 🙂 I am much shorter than them though…I am only 5’4 so ratio-wise, I am not there yet at all.

        But it is the goal so gonna keep at it.


  12. elinor says:

    i really like it, and i will work on it 😀 good job

  13. Amber says:

    I’m trying this:) It’s not like I’ll ever be a VS model… Way to short for that at 5 foot, but I can at least look like I should be!

    Starting at 118 pounds ^.^
    I’ll try to check back in in around 3 months lol

  14. Roxy says:

    I belive in you! 🙂 I just have 3 weeks instead of 3 months cause I’ll be on vacation then, but I’m so gonna do this too! I’m about 6 foot and weigh 164 lbs

  15. Rosemarie says:

    I started dieting earlier this year and it’s been slow. My doctor refused to give me diet pills for my safety. I’ve lost fifteen pounds just by changing my diet. I’m 5’10” and weigh 172 now. Thanks for the tips. I’m going to start writing them down and posting them in my room so I don’t forget to do them. I want to wear a bikini and look great!

  16. kayla says:

    how much do you weigh and how tall are you, im 5’7 and i weigh 130 right now do u think it would be healthy if i got to 110 i want to so badly i mean im not fat but im not necessary happy with my body

    • Hey,

      I am 5″4 and 121 pounds. I am happy with my body now’s more toned not flabby.

      I would not recommend going to 110 for your height, you are pretty tall and you may look more sickly than slim/toned.

      Just a suggestion.


  17. cherie says:

    Hey Ladies,
    5’0 165Pds. My goal wght. is 135 so I wanna lose 30pds. I’m suppose to be smaller, but anything less will throw me out of proportion w/ my hugh rear end. I plan to use this board for support and I’m going 2 set up a youtube acct. & do what I hv 2 do to hv. the body I want by 12/31/11 or 90% there. Wish me luck.

  18. Shelby says:

    I like all this. I always wanted a body like a a Victoria secret model, bur didn’t know how to get one. I just found out I was pregnant but I want to stay fit while I’m also eating healthy and my workout days.

  19. marissa says:

    Are you sure it worksss? im a model and i need to know if this actually works

  20. naomi says:

    i’m 125-127 pounds…and 5’4”… and yes that is about normal weight for my height but i’m 18 and still insecure about my body. i think i am going to try some of these tips and hope they work. i hope to have this body in three months so when i turn 19 i can look great!

  21. Cherodene says:

    I will try and do my best in this workout hope it works

  22. Annabelle says:

    I´m so totally doing this too!!! I´m so lazy but your site makes me want to do it! Did it work for you? And how many weeks did go by before you saw resualts? 🙂 New body for me this summer!!! 🙂

  23. kelsie says:

    i know it says what Marisa Miller ate for breakfast and what she snacked on throughout the day, but i was just wondering what she ate for lunch and dinner? bcuz that’s the plan i’m going to TRY and stick to along with more fruits and veggies!

    thanks so much! 🙂

  24. gaby says:

    Thank you so much for this… I looked in the mirror naked also and ….. fail… after being 160 pounds and now down to 110, I have more work to do!

    🙂 xoxo

  25. sydney says:

    love this! totaally trying ittt

  26. allie says:

    finally started eating healthier and working out. I don’t look terrible but the cellulite won’t go away!!!! no bikini for me this summer. idk how girls do it!

  27. Christine says:

    So I’ve been wanting to get into shape for bathing suit season and to look good for my boyfriend when he gets back from deployment. I’ll have to kick this up a ton of more notches though. I have four weeks left till he’s home (I won’t be at VS model ready by then lol but I’ll be lookin better than before). I love how you made it simpe to follow too so I’m sticking to it!! Time to go grocery shopping for some fresh stuff lol

  28. chloebieberxoxo says:

    I am trying to loose weight by spring break and that is in 4 weeks. any tips on how to loose 15 pounds by then? and I wanna weigh 120 by summer 🙂 working on that VS body. you make is seem possible. thank you!

  29. Kelly says:

    I’m 5’9 and 157lbs I’m not to big but want to get WAY thinner!! I’m also in sports though so I have some muscle. I am still a teenager so not having temptation to food and dedication to my workouts is hard to keep at this age! Any tips for that?

  30. ash says:

    Im 5ft 4In and weigh 99 pounds lol some people think im anorexic but im not at all im jus small boned and have skiiny jeans, i do watch wat i eat. I eat high protein food, veggies and fruits and im a gymnast and train 6 hours a day! hope this workout and eating methods really does help everyone! Stay Strong!!!

  31. danielle says:

    thanks im in 8th and have a lot of people pickin on me well lets see them pickin on me if i have a hot body yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;D

  32. Wanna be model :/ says:

    Omg I wonder if I’ll even last 3 months. I get tired after 30 mins of working hehe ^.^ but I shall try my best! Thanks for the info (:

  33. Rowina says:

    hi… umm i’m 5’6 and 134 pounds, my friends tell me i’m not fat, but i’m not happy with my body, i want to be super thin so that i can wear anything and have it look good on me… i want to reach 114 lbs as in 52 kg, should i even try, or am i dillusional.. please help me

    • Hi Rowina,

      I think you sound fine but you need to set realistic goals too. The main thing in a weight loss regime is discipline.

      I lost 6 kg after in 1 year after doing bellydance (1 hr a week) + circuit training (1 hr a week) + monitoring my food intake through a calorie counting app. It makes a world of difference but u need to stick to it.

      Find a sport or dance that you enjoy doing and stick to it.


  34. mili says:

    this is a great idea i’m gonna try it too thnx 🙂

  35. Chaaaaa says:

    hello 😀
    im 14 years old and 224 lbs…
    im 5/10 so what ive heard is that im pretty lucky that im not short because at this weight i would look fat ??
    anyways i really want to get down to 150 lbs 😀 and im going to try this diet and workout, i already dance 30 minutes a day but its just my eating habits. Its like I don’t eat all day (and i don’t do this on purpose) then when I do eat I eat the wrong things. So.. should i try this diet? I would really like to see myself skinny 😀 and thanks for posting this!!

  36. Christine says:

    So did it end up working for you?

  37. kasha says:

    Thats great… I’ve started trying to work out a plan for myself…. hopefully i will have my sexy beach bod back. Its jes so hard to cut out the fat in my hearty bahamian diet

  38. Adrienne Tarver says:

    i’m 13 i weight 135 but i’m 5’5 and a year roung soccer player

  39. Kim says:

    This may be a dumb question but I just want to be sure. Will the squats tone up ones bum? My thighs and bum are the worst part of me.

  40. Kendall says:

    wow im 14 5’2 134 pounds while i may not have the legs of a model i sure can get the flat stomach, boobs, and butt (:

  41. Nat says:

    I’m 14, 5’9, and weigh 155 lbs. I’ve lost 30 lbs so far but wanna get down to 145 lbs. at least!! Wish me luck!

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