Quickie Post: The Room Is Ready

Hehehhee i love my room..it’s dark and cosy.

The queen size bed is finally HERE but had to do the paint job on my own for 2 days with help from Audrey 😦

Good bye garish yellow walls and HELLO warm purple! 

This is such a horrible shot of me with my top riding up my big butt but WHO CARES I am painting..I dont know why I had soo many hooks on just ONE wall..didnt notice cos it was covered by the cabinets.

Finished room pics will be up soon ❤

Finally finished painting the room on Saturday..burnt both my friday and saturday doing this. Sunday was cleaning day but before that, I helped my friend, Raodah, with her wedding shoot at 7.30am in the morning..heheh they did it so early cos I had to leave and clean up my room at 10ish.

(Quite a few friends are getting married this year man..happy for them but 30 is the right age for me)

We did an outdoor shoot near this forested area in Buang Kok and I didnt know I was allergic to lalang!

My legs are still itchy since Sunday and it brought back my eczema..at least I still have eczema cream 😀 Should be back to normal by Friday..

The shots really looked great at least with the environment we were in and was done by Stephanie Goh Photography.

2 Responses to “Quickie Post: The Room Is Ready”
  1. Steph says:

    really ah!! goodness, i didn’t think it’ll be so badd. So sorry babe. i can’t believe that it’s still there. one thing to note though, always wear jeans in a lallang field! hahas.

    • hahaah i didnt know i was allergic either! hehehe..it’s okay. I got axe oil to burn the itch away and my eczema cream.

      today it feels a lot better though 🙂

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