Pet Farm Kennel 9 Story Is True But Exaggerated

Okay..I know I am a bit kaypoh but before I donate my well-earned cash to this cause I need to know more right?

So, darlings, the story is TRUE but got exaggerated in the message.

Straits Times have published an article on April 21 2010 about the volunteers led by Derrick Tan who have bought over the abandoned dogs for a 5-digit sum to ensure they are still cared for.

Here’s an abstract of the article of what really happened:

“On April 10, the breeder had placed a classified advertisement in The Straits Times looking for buyers for his farm and equipment for $20,000. The group heard that the breeder could not manage his farm, and was concerned about the dogs.

But the rescue last week has raised concerns among other animal welfare groups that breeders are preying on public sympathy to dump their ‘old stock’.

In the private rescue effort, civil servant Derrick Tan, 29, and about seven friends bought the animals from the Pasir Ris farm for an undisclosed five-digit sum. They are now trying to get medical treatment for the purebreds, which include miniature schnauzers and golden retrievers, before finding them homes” – Straits Times reporter, Grace Chua.

The message all of you probably got was an exaggeration that the dogs were only gonna live for 2 weeks more and gonna die.

Whoever sent that first message had NOTHING ELSE BETTER TO DO than make me worried and do some hardcore research on what’s going on. But I guess, if he didnt exaggerate it, no one would take it this seriously..

It’s up to you people now..NOW that you know what’s going on, you gonna be numb and just watch the dogs survive on the volunteers alone or will you donate some cash to help the volunteers get the equipment and neccessities the dogs need?

Think about it, YOU are not doing the labour here but they are so you could help just a bit.

Once again, to know more details about  the volunteers and the work done, click on the links below:

FB Page on the situation – Click Here

Official FB Dog Mill Rehomers Volunteer FB group – Click Here

Dog Mill Rehomers Volunteer Website – Click Here

5 Responses to “Pet Farm Kennel 9 Story Is True But Exaggerated”
  1. kahwhee says:

    Where is the address of the place?

    • Hi kahwee,

      I tried looking on for the address and phone numbers but APPARENTLY it is not listed. From what I heard, it is near Ericsson Pet farm so

      1. You can look around there
      2. Contact the volunteer group on the whereabouts of the animals

      Thanks for your interest though!


  2. Felicia says:

    Hi all,

    I am not underestimating the ability of the people who bought all the dogs, but it is really hard work to take care of so many dogs, even if you love them to bits.

    So do you by any chance have the contacts of the person who bought all the dogs? I will continue to look for people to buy the dogs and see if I can alleviate his load.

    Love, Fel

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