I Need A Room Makeover Pronto

Gosh…haven’t had the chance to update the blog at all! These past 2 weeks have been madness..

Some of you know that my uncle was staying at my place for a while until his apartment is ready….it’s coming to the end of the 7 months of another male in the house.

Today was the major move out day!

Since he has decided to rent out one of his room (and I’m in need desperate need of a makeover) I gave him my whole bedroom set – bed, wardrobe and side table.

Now look at the aftermath..

Yeah…I think I made this impulse decision a bit too quickly.

Not too sure on how im gonna makeover my room though…was browsing through IKEA catalogues tonight and I decided the colour will definitely be warm purple.

Okay a little overdone with the flower prints but it feels soo cosy right ???<3

Check out the rooms below for more creative room ideas





The poor soul who got a bed like this one..

I dont get this room…im already dizzy from looking at it how am I suppose to feel at ease? haha i dont get it at all..


OMG….the wallpaper on the right is something I will NEVER EVER have. Instant Nightmare!

FYI – I am scared of fishes. Yes, I got fish phobia. I can eat the bugger because that just means there is 1 less fish in the world but I cant be around them.

I cant go diving, near large tanks, acquariums etc..HENCE,  the nightmare of having THAT right above my head.


6 Responses to “I Need A Room Makeover Pronto”
  1. Rach says:

    I love purple! Great choice!

  2. haha thanks babe 🙂

  3. Claire says:

    How can you be scared of fish…???? Don’t tell me it’s after we went to Punggol 21 and tried fishing? Or were you not scared of them then?

  4. Angela says:

    I was wondering if u could help me with ideas for my room I don’t have a door or a closet I have a three siblings and in order to get my own room I have to live in the basement

  5. Cool..living in the basement is still okay. Are you looking at any particular themes or colours?

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