Things To Do Before I Die

Things To Do Before I Die

1. Skinny-Dipping

2. At least one tattoo

3. Model Naked / Semi-Naked

Still pondering if I should put any photos up. Dont want you guys to get nightmares 🙂

4. Break into a house whether occupied or not

5. Make sure I have a body of a Victoria Secrets Model ONCE in my lifetime

6. Travel to Greece and Turkey

7. Go on a missionary trip to Africa or India

8. Sky-diving… omg the thought of free falling is giving me sweaty palms

9. Stupid ride in Genting Malaysia which is also a DROP…ahhhhh!!

9 Responses to “Things To Do Before I Die”
  1. Marina Simon says:

    Bucket list!

    wow. share the naked/semi-naked photos. pixelate your face first tho. don’t want to risk it appearing on some dodgy site!

    and skinny dipping in the day! i applaud u.

  2. rett says:

    NICE! and yes you should post the pictures, i think it gives other girls (me included!) inspiration to do the same one day.

  3. Rach says:

    Number 8 is on my list too!

  4. Steve says:

    Sky diving seems to be a common one for bucket lists. Am I the only one that doesn’t want to do it? It’s not that I don’t see why people would want to do it, it is just that the terror I would experience doing it wouldn’t be enjoyable to me. Perhaps one day I’ll get past it and be able to want to do it. maybe.

    • ahha yeah it’s true it’s pretty common..I put it in cos I wanna try to get over my fear of falling..BUT if I cant get over this genting ride in my list which is a high drop, I would definitely not to sky diving.

      I could still aim at least 🙂


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