Singapore: Do Gigolos/Strippers Exist In This Country?

NOW…before all of you start wondering why I would need a gigolo, let me make this clear:

I DO NOT NEED ONE…I am planning a hen party that is in December 2010.

Hehehe…I like to plan my parties way in advance so I dont need to rush around later. So, my darling friend is getting married! So happy for her that I self-proclaimed to be the hen party planner.

Now, I forgot we are in SG – Safe City Central, where we got NO strip clubs. The occasional strippers at Gotham Penthouse and the “Thunder From Down Under” will come once in a while but that’s it!

Just look at the crowd from last year! Soo many women….and the occasional man.

SOOOOO ladies….. I have done some research, being the Renegade Researcher that I am *wink-wink*

You want your own stripper/gigolo, here’s probably the only places you can get ’em.





 Stripper/Gigolo List in Singapore; IT EXISTS.

1. 2NiteOk

The published rates are as below:

20 minutes show, 1 Male Stripper :
Rates S$300 for strip to gstring & S$400 for full-monty but the dude (high chance) will look like this:

-_- Oh my god.

20 minutes show, 1 Female Stripper :
Rates S$300 for strip to sexy lingerie only.

If you interested in their services, you can call them at (65) 9488-4434 or send email to


2. Local Tall and Hunky Male Escort for hire (NTU graduate – Ooooo)

Get this, on the ad, the dude said he costs $0.00! He must love his job a bit too much..

“Rest assured cheap and affordable rates. Pls do not hesistate to reach me at 83227974 or and I will send you my pictures for your confirmation.”

By now I want to cry already…….WHERE ARE ALL THE HOT MALE STRIPPERS?!!! 

Shit man.. NEVER MIND I will not lose hope.

If all else fails, you know there will always be…… 3.

Sadly, I will need to send them the criterias I want first and then they will get me in touch with the guys. If HE is comfortable, then they’ll send to me photos. Im too naive for all this..

Dear god…they dont come cheap AT ALL at the escort level.


CATEGORY Singapore Currency per Hour

 Top Singapore Escort Models- $10,000 – $13,000

Premium Social Escort Models – $6,000 – $8,000

Standard Escorts- $4,000

I better be screaming OMG once I see you if I had to pay that much…

43 Responses to “Singapore: Do Gigolos/Strippers Exist In This Country?”
  1. Rachel says:

    They strip as in they take everything off? Everything???

  2. Rachel says:

    Ermm, are we allowed to like ermmm touch?

  3. you can try this site i got for my hens night.
    but still the guys are only ok…suspect it would be the same for other agency. least the rate is low.

    • Hey thanks..will try it out 🙂

      • Neal says:

        Hi Anto,

        My name is Neal from India, i am comming to Singapore on workpermit by end of oct 2010. i applied for a job in a Hotel in Singapore through a consultancy here in India and they said by 5th Oct 2010 they will prepair my Pre-visa to work as a waiter in a hotel in singapore and till now i dont know to which hotel i am gonna work.

        About Me: 5.9″ height, brown in color, education (MBA Finance), at present i am working as a Business Development Manager in a US based IT Firm in India. weight 80kgs, good body but with a small tummy.

        I would like to request you to give me an oppurtunity to work in party and earn some money… and till now i dont have any exp like this in my life… i only had sex couple of times with my girlfriend.

        Please do let me know your interest and I look forward to hear you soon.


  4. Chaos says:

    Dear Harried One…

    Take heart that you are in a MUCH better situation than I am right now.

    – Hates Spas ergo no massages
    – Bun in oven ergo no alcohol nor any contraband
    – Fussy with Food ergo no food fest
    – Stripper might petrify her so much that she ‘drops’ the foetus
    – I only have 2 weeks to get this done
    – There’s only 3 of us in the ‘party’ including Bride To Be

    At present time… I’m already screaming OMG without paying for an exorbitant stripper so I guess when the time comes… I better go into a cardiac arrest THE MINUTE he knocks on our hotel room door.

  5. Karan says:

    Hi. This is karan(male), age 27, height 6 feet 2 inch with great look and physic. I want to do work as male stripper, Call Boy and Gigolo. If any body require my service or any agency have job for me then reply soon.

    • Hi Karan,

      Thanks for commenting. Im only planning the hen party in December 2010, provided it will be in Singapore. Do you have a website or anything I can refer to?


  6. Karan says:

    Hi. This is karan(male) from india, age 27, height 6 feet 2 inch with great look and physic. I want to do work as male stripper, Call Boy and Gigolo. If any body require my service or any agency have job for me then reply soon. I also want to settle in singapore or any other country for work. If you have any opportunity for me then reply me soon. karan.malik4u at gmail dot com

  7. Hi Karan,

    Please stop spamming my post.. i had to delete 3 of ur comments. If I know of any gigolo jobs, I will let u know but please go on yellow pages and approach the local escort agencies.



  8. shelvanroy says:

    pls cal me 0127704242

  9. Bubu says:

    how old must you be to visit a stripper?

  10. luxy says:

    hi.. i am shy to be stripper but if some thing more personal i will try.. decent boyish looking with spec here…never try before but i think it will be fun for both..=) email me

  11. pune escort says:

    nice post will be helpful to make money

  12. Sam says:

    5’10” smart and handsome…good physique..will be in singapore from Nov 15, 2010
    Rates are negotiable…
    Experienced and game for anything (i mean ‘anything’)
    Email me – tsen08 at gmail dot com

    I can send over my pics to the interested…

  13. Talya says:

    Lol I just came across your blog and post randomly as I was looking to see if male strippers existed in Singapore. I can’t believe you got so many replies of people selling their wares from just this post. It made me laugh! 🙂

  14. Dylan_singapore says:

    u right… things people do for money!

  15. alex says:

    Hi I am looking for a male escort job or gigolo anyway hopefully some of you are in the business can show me how to start since I am very new at this and any tip about the job can be greatly apreciate thank you

  16. Nesh says:

    Tips and Tricks.
    Above word says it all about my commitment to females only.
    Charge $150 an hour . Escort / Massage / Gigolo services
    only work for money.
    will only take response via email.
    without the ( ) of course.

  17. Jay says:

    There are many escort agencies in Singapore that can assist you to finding one.
    We can assist you too.

  18. Redprimer says:

    Hello I’m look a very good strutur of body peopels

  19. NIK says:

    please contact me, NIK @ 97121382 if any lady is interested in one-on-one action
    I am 27 athletic built, fair from India

  20. thomas says:

    contact 85899165 for any male strippers requirement … Thomas

  21. Kaushik says:

    I would like to work as a mail Stripper in Singapor.
    I am a Indian boy. And if u want then I am ready to share my photos.
    Please please do replay me.

  22. blog says:

    If a brand-new article becomes available or if any changes occur on this site I’ll follow up..

  23. "Gal On Top" says:

    Dear Antoinette.

    If you are steady for your hen party next month, do drop me an email at

    I would be very pleased to share my value proposition with you.

    Hope we will be in touch soon.

    Warmest regards.
    Gal On Top

  24. Hi Gal On Top,

    Thanks for your comment but the party is over already 😦

    Out of curiousity, what kind of proposition are you referring to in case I got more hen parties coming up?


  25. Chris says:

    We have hot male strippers for Hen/ private parties.

    * Caucasian
    * Chinese
    * North Indian Caucasian mix

    For details, please contact 81388317

  26. max says:

    Dear Chris,

    I’m looking for this job.
    I prefer to serve those kind of women who above 60 yr old.


  27. amit says:

    hi Chris
    this is amit here from India and i m 29 years old
    i will be pleasure to serve you as a male escorts to give you full services you
    can call on nine seven seven seven 8240

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