Have A Surprise City Getaway Date

I had a such a fantastic weekend and I managed to have a surprise City Getaway Date; fully NOT planned by me of course.. had no clue what was going on.


But everytime we got into a cab, I had to stand outside whilst the driver was told a mystery location. Poor thing..the taxi driver still said the location OUT LOUD when he knew it was suppose to be a surprise 🙂 hahahahahaha the face was priceless..

Ready darlin’s???? Let’s go 🙂 

First stop: Halia Restaurant at Botanical Gardens for dinner

I don’t understand why this restaurant has such bad reviews from Hungrygowhere.com because service was excellent when we went there 🙂 

Apart from that, I love being surrounded by nature and the ambience for this place was perfect. Look at all my plants and trees I am greeted with at the entrance! Okay looks a bit spooky cos it’s at night and suppose to be romantic with the dim lighting, moonlight and candles but I assure you it was worth it ❤ 


The menu wasn’t as extensive as we hoped and pretty pricey though.  I do recommend trying the Rib Eye Chef Special and the 200 herb-rubbed steak!! Sounds damn bloody good right?!  IT WAS!!! Super juicy, had so much flavour and generous portion!! 

Next to us was Villa Halia…I just might do my wedding (if I ever get married) here.

(But with not so wilted-looking flowers)

 I love garden weddings.. and based on the wedding happening below, it looks so romantic. Adding this to my possibility location list.


Second Stop: “Zouk Club” cos she knew the taxi driver would spoil the surprise 🙂 

Hahahahahaha we actually went to Grand Corpthone Waterfront and she pretended she was asking about the buffets there. We ended up checking in! haha I love all these surprises.. 




Our bed was SOOO COMFORTABLE, we didnt leave to Zouk after checking in. How to leave such a bed?! It hypnotises you once you’re on it and you knock out flat. 

I honestly love this hotel. It’s in town, next to Zouk and has one of the best buffets I ever went for. 

Guys, if you love food as much as I do….take a look at this BREAKFAST spread and tell me you are JEALOUS! Muahahahahahah! 

Cheese Platter and Western Cuisine<3 

I was soo sad that I went to my cheese platter for my last round.. there was so little of each cheese type left 😦 


Absolutely LOVE my brie cheese on top of garlic cheese spread on my water biscuit. 


I love the garlic cheese so much I brought a whole bunch home..DONT JUDGE ME 🙂 I know you people do it too man.. 




Veal and Chilli Pepperoni Ham

Omelette Station


Now that’s a breakfast – bacon, hashbrowns and tea. Mind you, this was not my first round ❤

Audrey is so cute la, she’s like a camel and drinks A LOT. Look at how many glasses she had on the table at any one point in time that breakfast..

Indian Cuisine

I didnt know what the hell this was at first..it's Pongal (sweet Indian Rice)


4 different yoghurts

 Japanese Cuisine 

Japanese Egg Tamagoyaki a.k.a omelette

Dory Fish


We were so late for the buffet, we rushed down and looked half-dead. Thank god for Hipstamatic that makes my photos look damn good, even when you’re half-dead!

Outdoors had such a nice view of the Singapore river. Damn sad that the water is brown though but still hehe “nice view”

We chilled outside in the foyer and it felt so calm and peaceful..even made this two guys look “intimate”

So as you can tell, we were just walking around the entire place and enjoying the peacefulness and then you see this!

😦 😦 😦 Poor thing!! Still looked ‘fresh’ somemore..

Apart from the poor bird, I loved the date! Overall experience, A+ especially for ambience, cheese platter and trying to keep everything a surprise.

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  1. citrella says:

    Wow… really fun surprise outing ! 🙂

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