Earring Stands: The Organization Begins

I love my new earring stand!!

Not only can I finally see all 86 pairs of earrings (and more in the drawers below), I can admire my growing monstrous collection ❤

I was looking all over for one that had LOTS OF HOLES cos I really do have that many earrings. When I went to Bangkok, I found the ultimate earring stand where it looked like a pretty metal tennis racket stand with the metal netting.


The bugger salesgirl tried to sell me the last rusty one for SGD $15. Super rusty..

I found this black plastic one at Arab street for $8 and it’s new!!  It was in one of the bead shops along the Zam Zam stretch (i think). Aiyah I know it as “the bead shop stretch” and it had so many variations of earring stands.

Next buy in 1 year:

The 288 earrings stand!

Muahahhahaa! Aye, you peeps think it’s not possible in a year?! You clearly have not seen my dresser stocked with all my accessories.

If you peeps wanna start organizing your accesories cos your collection is as whacked as mine, trust me, THIS GOES A LONG WAY!

4 Responses to “Earring Stands: The Organization Begins”
  1. wow that’s alot of earrings 🙂

  2. sherilyn says:

    Hi, can i know where u get the round metal earrings stand from?

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