Plan For Your Funeral: 30 Years in Advance


MY EXAM IS OVER!!!! Woooo!!!!!  Finally, my paps felt like it was gonna drop off because the last question was so hard. Too many theories on ‘Changing Attitudes’ how you expect  me to remember all?!

So tonight, I am going to IKEA for dinner with my poly darlins’ ❤

But since we’re only meeting at 7pm, decided to do a quickie post on WHAT MY MOM JUST MADE ME DO!

She had an epiphany on how she wanted her funeral to look like – casket name, obituary, hair and make up! I am serious and she is no where near the grave yet ah by the way.

Some of you all might have seen the video on FB bcos she made me post it on my cousins’ walls..HAHAHAHHA “YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE”!

Here’s the perfect ending to the end of the work week…made me spit out my tea whilst recording it. Have a blast 🙂

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