Exam Blues

Finally my exam for Media Audience and Consumer Behaviour is here and this module will officially come to an end!


I only have 2 days to study for my exam…WHICH IS TOMORROW! ahhhhH!! Feel like I screwed myself over only taking 2 days but…a girl’s gotta work to get the cash for school.

My Mini Exam Survival Kit

1. Get out of the house away from all distractions

2. Lots of snacks – Calbee chips

3. Lots of drinks – Green tea

4. No laptop or else I’ll keep playing my online games. I HAVE U KNOW I AM ON A BREAK NOW…dont judge me 🙂

Ahhhhhh back to studying..

Wish me luck for tomorrow darlin’s *meowing -off*

2 Responses to “Exam Blues”
  1. Rachel says:

    All the best! Good luck for your exams.

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