Wax In The City Saga: Dealing With A Bloody Scam!


Fucking hell my first scam case…why me?! You mother fuckers who owned and silently sold Wax In The City, I hope you rot in hell for stealing all our money. Watch the video of the angry mob here!

So I am trying to research ways on trying to get my money back..My friends this is HOW UNREASONABLE our law is to solve such an issue:

What you need to do to proceed if you have been scammed

1. Now, I need to join CASE

2.  Pay an “fee” for ordinary membership in CASE which costs $25  (need to lose more money)

3.  And admin fees since less than $5,000

4. Support a police report, preferably go to Cantonment Complex (super inconvenient)

5. Join FB’s group – Victims of Wax In The City.

Someone called Marianne is trying to work with other victims, scan all invoice payments and try to get the cash back. If you have been affected by this darlings, YOU SHOULD JOIN and try to get more advice from the other members.

6. If you are really at a loss, check out the forums on CozyCot as well for more advise

I hope Karma bites you thieves in the ass MO-FOs!

I am still a very angry Anto.

5 Responses to “Wax In The City Saga: Dealing With A Bloody Scam!”
  1. Tasha says:

    OMG BABE. I can’t believe they did that. Shit! I am so not signing up for packages any more in my lifetime.

  2. Rachel says:

    Hey Anto, it’s Rachel sitting beside you at the Nuffnang event. Let’s link up yeah? Cool layout of your blog.

    Will be reading your entries 🙂

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