Wax In The City Goes Bust!!!

Fucking hell..My mom and I shared a package valued at $1,000+ at Wax In The City and NOW IT GOES BUST?!!

I do not believe this, I absolutely do not believe this. I read this in an article on Yahoo News about a mob of angry consumers and I should freaking go and join them!

So far, it seems like it’s only the branch at Circular Road. I’m gonna mass call all the other branches and they BETTER BE IN EXISTENCE!

(More updates tomorrow)

A very angry Anto.

6 Responses to “Wax In The City Goes Bust!!!”
  1. Ai Ling says:

    babe all the branches have closed down.

    • OMG!!!!! I went there a week ago man! How can this be?!

      • pauline says:


        When did you signed up the package? Pls join facebook ” Victims of the Wax in the City” as we are consolidating all the victimes and take action agt them.

        To get back you money, you need to file a complain at the Small Claim Tribual. See facebook for more info.

        Pls also make a police report so that these crooks do not go free after

      • Hi Pauline,

        Thanks for the advice. I joined the FB group already and will go make a small claim as well.

        ❤ Anto

  2. I’m sorry, honey. What a shame! The people who took your reservation may not have known about it themselves. That is so horrible.

  3. Sigh..thanks Cheryl 🙂

    Sad thing is, this happened to my colleague a yr back and it seems to be getting more rampant here that spas/salons are closing down with NO COMPENSATION.

    Gonna make a report and see how it goes.


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