The Mother Escapades: To Bugis and Beyond

Woooo!! Long holiday weekend!

We have a holiday starting on Good Friday for Holy Week and it’s sadly coming to an end already. I had so much to do this week I dont feel rested at all but at least I went shopping! On Saturday, we went to Bugis before I went for the Nuffnang Blogger Symposium – YES I WENT.

Let me tell you, my mom and I shout at the top of our lungs but when it comes to shopping…we do the mother-daughter “bonding”.

At Iluma, there’s a shop called Ameba that has the cutest most random gifts. I WANT THIS SHOE WHEEL!!

WHY MUST IT BE IN PINK?!!!! Hate pink…they do have it in BLACK though; back order!



Let’s begin the real shopping parade 😉

Welcome to Bugis Street Village where food and shopping is CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP 🙂


Cheap Fruit Juices for $1


Ehhh the shoes are $10. Can it get cheaper?! Only Bangkok has that price now for shoes


The bread they sell here is HUGE. To me at least



<img title="Bag Lady

On level 2, there's a shop called Bag Lady that sells vintage bags for $15 ❤

Here’s a quick summary about shopping with my mom 🙂


Fact 1 about my mom: She LOVES her umbrella. She can give you the ultimate pitch about buying a long umbrella. Check it Out!


Fact 2: She prefers to use plastic bags to separate her things.. WHEN WE HAVE SO MANY COSMETIC BAGS!


Just look at this!

Fact 3: She’s can still be a tourist in her own me 🙂


Fact 4: She wont be caught DEAD in anything that makes her look her real age 😉

Mom: Even if you paid me, I’ll never wear this. Look so Ah Soh.




The prints on the left shoe button must match the prints on the right shoe button..


Fact 7: She hates climbing stairs or stalled escalators


Poor thing 😦


Fact 8: If she sees bad fashion, oh she will tell you


Oh dear..


This chick’s jumper was made from frilly bloomer shorts -_-

Fact 9: Mad about nails




She taught me all there is to know about mani and pedis 🙂 Spent 1 hour in this shop..

Fact 10: She’s a vampire

She  wouldnt have a break in this cafe cos there was too much sunlight.

Hehehhehe that’s my mom for you ❤

5 Responses to “The Mother Escapades: To Bugis and Beyond”
  1. OMG! What an awesome day! I would love to hang out with you two. The umbrella video had me in stitches 😀

  2. Rachel says:

    I’m like your mom too. I am as vampire as her. I like to avoid the sun as much as I can so that I can stay fair 🙂

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