The Missing Email from Banker Lily Zhang Affair


Not sure if you guys know about this yet but THIS DRAMA happened in Hong Kong’s finance industry.

Basicly, the husband cheated on the wife with a banker in the same company as him and THE WIFE THRASHES BOTH OF THEM VIA COMPANY EMAIL according to the article on BUT they do not have the COMPLETE email 😉

She emailed all the friends, colleagues, the mistress and the BOSSES in ALL GLOBAL MARKETS.

Talk about a woman’s scorn man! Sometimes I wonder if I will do the same if this happened to me..wouldnt be able to control myself what?! We are talking abt RAGE here! Stop giving me funny looks..

Ready for some drama kittens?!! Wahahahahahah HERE YOU GO!





*Disclaimer: All email addresses and company names have been removed to protect privacy of the bank.

发件人: Zhang, Lily

发送时间: 2010年2月23日 10:23

抄送: Yale Yang

主题: Dear friends … Moving on ..

Dear friends,

After 13 years and 2 beautiful children together, Yale and I have parted our ways. Yale moved out last week.

Dear Diane/Tao Dan Yang,

Over the past couple of years, you knew everything about my family. You knew when my kids had their soccer tournaments, you knew when they had their swimming practices. You even knew their baby nicknames. On December 18th, 2009, on a noon flight, I took my children to the U.S. for Christmas vacation. On the very same day, December 18th, 2009, on an afternoon flight, you and Yale took off for the beaches of Phuket and shopping streets of Bangkok for Christmas vacation. Diane, as a fellow woman, I often wondered if the level of ecstasy this vacation had brought you equates to the level of devastation this vacation had brought to my children and me. Diane, I often asked myself what was it like for you to sleep in the arms of another woman’s husband, other children’s father? I wondered if you ever thought about us, the children and the wife, that we are made of flesh and blood, that we have feelings, that we could get hurt, very hurt, devastatingly hurt. I pondered if you knew you were destroying a family, if you knew your joy would bring endless tears to us.

We went to Beijing last week for Chinese New Year. Your clothes were in our Beijing home. My son screamed:” Mommy, don’t touch those, they are disgusting! Set them on fire, burn them to hell. They are the devil’s cloth!” My children are hurt. My daughter, 9 years old, now says “Mommy, I don’t ever want to get married.” My son, 8 years old, says “Diane is our Voldemort!” The psychological damage this affair has done to my children is catastrophic. They are forever emotionally damaged. With this, I announce you the winner.

How do I feel, Diane? This affair is like 10 thousand knives stabbing and chopping my heart all at once. This affair has left me in so much pain that I don’t know how to heal myself. This affair has taught me tear supply can actually be infinite. This affair has crushed me, leaving me a corpse walking around with no heart. I don’t know how to deal with this kind of pain. I don’t know how to move on. But I have children. I must move on. Diane, I pray to God that you will never have to experience this kind of betrayal and hurt. I wish you and Yale a happy life together because, after all, we are all women and we all deserve to be happy.

With sincere regards,



发件人: Yale Yang

发送时间: 2010年2月23日 11:14

收件人: Zhang, Lily

主题: Re: Dear friends … Moving on …


Please do not bring the personal issues to the public. The truth of the facts is that our marriage had been falling apart 8 years ago, divorce had been in discussion 5 years ago. Our issues are known to all the people in the word! Diane had done nothing wrong for her part! I am firmly standing by and behind Diane. I will certainly hope she will marry me one day soon!

Trying to tell the people how evil I am and Diane is in this way is not going to succeed! All the people, who knows you, me and our marriage, supported my divorce, including my good friend Zhu Wei. I am sorry I have dragged everyone into this. Lily please move on!

Sincerely yours



发件人: Tao, Diane

发送时间: 2010年2月25日 10:25

收件人: Zhang, Lily

主题: Re: Dear friends … Moving on …

Dear Lily,

I understand that you are going through a difficult time in your personal life, and I sincerely hope that you will find a way to deal with it that is the best for you and your children.

I do understand how you feel. I also understand, however, that a marriage can only break apart from the inside. I do not appreciate your attempt to smear my re@#$@*&tion and paint me as the home wrecker. You know as well as Yale does that your marriage fell apart long before Yale and I even met. Whether or not I am in Yale’s life has nothing to do with the eventual outcome of your marriage. I am sure you understand this as well, but you nonetheless sought to burn me on the cross as the scapegoat for your failed marriage, which I do not believe is a mature thing to do.

Your de script ion of the emotional damage your children have suffered is disturbing indeed. I cannot help but wondering what you have been telling them. I would think that a mother’s first and foremost priority is to protect her children from any emotional damage, rather than using them as bargaining chips with a spouse or as props to win public sympathy. Yale is the children’s father and will always be. I am sure he will always love them and be the best father he can be to them. Wouldn’t it make more sense, for the sake of the children’s wellbeing, to emphasize to them that both their parents will always love them even though one parent will not be living with them all the time? I do not see what benefit there could possibly be to teach the children to hate their own father.

You asked me how it was like to sleep in Yale’s arms. I also wanted to ask you, Lily, why would you want to hang on to someone who clearly does not want to be with you at all? Lily, you are intelligent, highly-educated and you have a high-paying and well-respected job. So why did you spend so much time and energy trying to force someone who does not care about you to stay with you? As a fellow woman I want to ask you this, don’t you think you deserve better? If there’s anything that is worse than sleeping in the arms of another woman’s husband, it is sleeping in the arms of someone who resents you, cannot stand you and wants to run away from you whenever he gets a chance. So Lily, why would you want to put yourself in that situation? Once again, don’t think you deserve better?

I sincerely hope that the pain you are currently feeling will subside soon and you can turn a new leaf in your life. Please remember, you can lose a job, you can lose a spouse, but you should never lose yourself. And please, do not vent your negative feelings on your children. They are innocent. Please always keep in mind their best interests rather than your own. You deserve true happiness, and I hope that you will find it soon.

Best regards,




发件人: Lily

发送时间: 2010年3月15日 11:13

收件人: Diane

抄送: Yang, Yale;

主题: Re: Damn You


I thought that you should have dropped your pretentious ego by now; however your facial skin is much thicker than imaginable. Stunning.

How dare you comment on my feelings? “I do understand how you feel” – oh really? If you do, you should be shivering under a wall by now, as if you have seen the reaphook of the Death himself. Let me demonstrate you a very small proportion of my hatred towards you which is still accumulating, after you robbed my man from my very bed. If one in a thousand of that hate is concentrated in a droplet it is enough to poison a nation. Do you know what fills my mind? Vengeance, retribution. I shall have your head with dropping blood, hang on my walls so that I can appreciate an example of indignity once every hour. I shall slit your throat before the eyes of your “love”, letting him witness the true blood color of a whore, which stinks of lust. I can think of a thousand way to end your miserable pathetic life, but why bother? You will burn in eternal flame anyway. Satan has reserved a fine slot for you in Hell, where your sinful soul will repay an endless debt!

And yet don’t make yourself too conformable either when your heart still beats. You think it has ended? It never ends. The man who abandoned me will abandon you in the same cause. Value your moment in the arms of Yale, for they will soon find a new mistress after the depreciation of your inglorious little face. When the time comes, I shall acquire immense satisfactory.

Best regards


WHOAAAA!!!!! wOOO! Drama of the day 🙂

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