Arab Steet/Bugis: Best Chill Out Spot for Egyptian Food

This is my second time this week at Arab Street- Haji Lane.

 I just love the Egyptian food!! Stupid light outside made all my photos look greenish!

This was how GREEN the light made everything -_-

I keep ending up at Al Tazzag Restaurant. A lot of people told me that this place tried to cheat ém before but so far so good. The portions, I admit, are very small though and I’d recommend sitting outside. The Chicken Shawarma and Humus were LOVELY!!

The pic above is Chicken Shawarma and the appetizer platter below was a mixture of Humus, Egyptian salad, yoghurt n other dips with Pita bread. DAMN STUPID GREEN LIGHTING….need my camera FAST!

If you guys do come down to Singapore, go to Arab Street and get a Sheesha which is the smoking pipe you see below. It’s supposedly not as harmful as smoking cigarettes and there are SO MANY flavours – apple, grape, strawberry, COFFEE, mint etc.

Tonight for some reason had random performances at Haji Lane. Restaurant Crowd Competition is fierce!

They were pretty amateur though and didnt play a whole tune but HEY, they tried.

Next stop was Parkview Square a.k.a The Gotham City Building.

Hahahahha must set “the mood”a bit with the moon in the background…now you need Batman’s symbol in the night sky 🙂

This building is a bloody monstrosity! Look at it! Freaking US $89 mil to build balls! I wonder if that includes the decor cos THE BAR ALONE looks like this:

~Welcome back to the 1950s of…Divine Wine Bar~

It’s a freaking 3-storey wine cellar!!!!

Boooommmm!!!!!! I kept staring at it in awe when I went there.

Apparently, this place is a bit of a hidden treasure. This bar is the only one in Singapore so far that has “angels” fly up to this wine cellar to get your drink. Hehehehehe!


See…..told you. Whoever came up with the idea to make your waitresses as “Angels” to fly up and get your drink is brilliant. I bet the higher the bottle’s price is, the higher she goes…and you know the rich Ah Peks there would PAY for her to go higher in that dress 😉

I swear, every time she went up, time seemed to stop cos EVERYONE was watching.

I recommend you peeps to head there at least ONCE to check this’s a pretty chilled out place and if the decor doesnt make u stay a bit longer, the flying angel will definitely spark a great conversation.

6 Responses to “Arab Steet/Bugis: Best Chill Out Spot for Egyptian Food”
  1. wine bars are great. my father installed a wine bar in my home and my wife also loved it ~’*

  2. Needless to say, what a good site and informative posts, I’ll add backlink – bookmark this web site? Regards,

  3. Sometimes a green light would be seen as a good idea when it comes to dining on shawarma – although I have to say the ones you were having look like good ones!

  4. JoJo says:

    Hi, can someone advise me where in Singapore I can buy my Egyptian Dukkah ?

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