DIY Hair Job: Hair Undertones Can Be A B**ch

Sometimes, I do not know what to do with my hair.. truly. I can buy any DIY hair colour in the WORLD and my hair colour will always turn back to the same colour – Dark Reddish Brown.

Just like my latest dye job – it’s suppose to be Chestnut Brown in the previous post. DO YOU SEE THE GOLDEN TINT? I don’t think so -_-

My friends, I cant stress the importance of knowing your hair colour undertones enough. Like my hair is very dark but I have red undertones. If I want to get it lighter, I may have to add some bleach into the dye.

But if not done properly, it could damage your hair.

If you do not know what I am talking about, let me give you an example:

You’ve finally decided to colour your hair after seeing how great it looks on your friend. Y0u get to Watson’s, buy the same colour and do a DIY job. Once it’s done, it doesnt look at all the same as her colour and you end up bitching and whining about it and have no idea what you did wrong.

It’s only because YOUR hair undertone is not the same as hers.

Few Guidelines to go by when coloring your hair at home from Styles101 :

  • If you have artificial color in your hair (any color or tone) and you want to go lighter, doesn’t matter how light, you will not accomplish this just by choosing a lighter shade. General rule of thumb in hair coloring is, hair color can’t lift (or lighten) hair color. You can change the tone, but not the level (lightness) Go see a professional.
  • If you are going darker, choose a warm, golden tone or you might come out ashy.
  • If you grey is coming up too light, or the hair color is not covering the grey, let the color stay on your roots for at least 40 minutes or longer. Grey is very resistant and needs hair color to process longer.
 Click Here for the full article and to know more about YOUR hair and skin undertone and to know what goes well with it.



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