Go DIY Darling: How to Dye Your Hair Like A Pro!!

Helllooo Kittens!

My mom used to be a professional hair stylist, worked with David Gan and even did hair transplanting back in the day. With that said, she taught me how to dye my hair like she did in the salons –  to fully cover your whole head evenly.

And yes, I do dye my hair. It was originally black but Ive been dying since secondary school for the fun of it and no one ever noticed 😉

SOOO MY SEX KITTENS…. have u been a victim of having bad dye jobs? Do you find that sometimes your hair ends up being patchy after your DIY dye job? Bad dye jobs are OVER honey *waves finger in the air in a Z-line*

*****Caution: Anto is in her sheep pyjamas and has virtually no make-up on. The horror awaits!! If you are brave enough my kittens to end your misery, please.. scroll.. down











Let’s begin.



Today’s colour my darlings IS Chestnut Brown. I got bored of my red undertones, let’s go a bit more golden shall we?

1. You actually do not need to use the FULL Dye and Developer bottles.

If your hair is short of shoulder-length, half of the bottle is more than enough to use. I only used the dye and the developer up to the orange markings below:

2. Part your hair in the centre and apply the dye in the parting.

Okay my hair is fucking curly right, so please bare with me as I demonstrate this on my head 🙂

3. Now my kittens, listen up! Divide your hair into 5 sections from the parting on each side. 

Part your hair 1/5 lower than the centre parting and apply the dye.

4. The 2/5 parting should look something like this. Apply the dye here and spread out

I tend to digress a little…I gotta have some fun too 🙂

 5. Here is how the rest of the partings should be:

hhahaa no chin over here man…this is the 3/5 parting.

4/5 parting

The absolute last parting should be very near your ear like this: 5/5 parting

6. Pay close attention and ensure these areas in orange are covered too.

A LOT of people tend to overlook these areas darlin’ so make sure you don’t do this forbidden mistake again 🙂

hahahaha yeah la my whole neck and shoulders are covered in dye…if your hair is shoulder length it will definitely sweep across it what????!!

I’m too lazy so just gonna wash it off in the shower.

7. Do the same for the other half of your head and you’re done!!!

And possibly all covered in dye like me..This part of dying is NOT salon teaching. HAH!

8. Tie your hair up so it stays in one area and follow the instructions on the box for the time limit for the dye to set in.

YOU NEED TO FOLLOW THE TIME LIMIT. Don’t be a bloody kiasu  thinking the dye will last longer if you keep it on longer. NO! If you keep it on longer, the ammonia will start seeping into your roots..unless you “want” that 🙂

hahahaha sorry la guys, I started camwhoring with my iPhone the whole time whilst doing it and I gotta share with you all my stupid blooper pics 🙂  Have a blast!

And now for my FAVE blooper






WOOoooo!!!! OMG I’m gonna go wash my hair NOW!





My hair is still too wet to tell…will check this out tomorrow and see how the dye goes!

Good Night Kittens!

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