Thigh-High Stockings Are NOT Sleazy

I have a tad of a dilemma..

Audrey bought for me my first thigh-high boots last year that I wore only once for halloween as Lady Gaga (click here to see photos) but I never wore them again 😦

Every time I try and pair it with an outfit a comment another friend made keeps running through my head when I bought a garter  – ” They look sleazy.”

Hehhehee this was the first image that came into my mind when she said that with the whip and all…Eh hello, I bet your imagination can get much worse than that okay 😀

Yeah I know the comment was for stockings but point is, it’s still “thigh-high” and the garter that you wear it with sometimes can make it look sterotypically SLEAZY.

To me, it was always the person that made the outfit look sleazy..RIGHT OR NOT??!!

 Just look at all these great outfits these girls carry off so well..

I like the second picture with the garter sticking out a bit like that! It looks soo chilled out what..I dont see ANY sleaze when I look at this outfit.

So…I am gonna attempt to wear my thigh-high boots or stockings out THIS WEEKEND. Was looking online for some possibilities and came across this sample outfit to try!

But my friends, if you got enough BALLS, go loud and flaunt your sexy legs with this!

What’s that ladies? Looks simple enough to wear right?!! Well..Let’s see who has the balls to wear this first then! HAHAHAH…THE CHALLENGE IS ON!


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