Jessica Simpson: The Price of Beauty is a Failure

Poor Jessica.

Was watching her on E! Entertainment the other night at Audrey’s house and how she goes on about her new show – The Price of Beauty.

Super Sucking It In Here..

She wants to be role model for women everywhere apparently and goes on this global hike to find out the beauty rituals of women.

Big deal different can it get per country? The only real difference is in Asia but with that said, she doesnt go DEEP into the reasonings or history behind each ritual.

After the whole “Chicken Of The Sea” saga, I salute her for trying to ensure she clears her  name, but after this show, I dont think anyone will take her seriously any time soon.

According to VH1, her show only had 1 million viewers and got beaten by re-runs of “NCIS,” TruTV’s “Operation Repo,” and the History Channel’s “Pawn Stars.” –  (Read the full article here)

Please just stick to singing, looking pretty and leave the deeper things to brunettes.

* No offence to the intelligent natural blondes out there 🙂

9 Responses to “Jessica Simpson: The Price of Beauty is a Failure”
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