I Have An Obsession : A Lady Gaga Obsession.

Before all of you think I’m weird, which I already fully declare that I am, I really think this woman is BRILLIANT !

I have been watching Telephone on Youtube for the longest time since they uploaded it and it’s now on my iPhone so I can watch it on my way to work.

Here’s the Telephone music video…if you havent seen it, shame on you! 🙂

This is the SPOOF 😀

Who on earth has been able to sell pop culture weirdly like her at this kinda extreme?!  AND HAS AN ACTUAL FOLLOWING?! There were soo many spoofs made of her videos, media coverage and at the rate she progressed into the industry?!

Okay maybe Bjork but her music genre was different and she didnt create this kinda media theatrics.  She has even joined forces with M.A.C for the Viva Glam edition of her lipstick.

Gosh…I can even do the Bad Romance dance and I was Lady Gaga for halloween last year.

I like her THAT much.

Who would have known that she is actually GIFTED, being accepted into Tisch School of the Arts at NYU by 17 years old and came to be what she is today.

Pretty believable that she was a stipper in one of her past job though..she looks too comfortable being half-naked.

Extremist Qualities That Sparked It

1. Wears plastic (or toys) not that much cloth

2. One of her shades is made of cigarettes – it’s in the Telephone video

3. If sex sells, she’s almost full-on naked, or in lingerie-inspired attire

Photo from CocoPerez.com

4. She travels in “orbit”

5. Diet Coke Cans as Curlers?!

6. Very theatrical with the dressing and performances to suit the “occasion”

Geisha hairstyle when in Japan

'Telephone Hairstyle' for the Telephone Music Video

7. Sparked the Hair Bow trend

Okay sorry, I am just being a fan having one of my moments 🙂 Wooo!

10 Responses to “I Have An Obsession : A Lady Gaga Obsession.”
  1. Haha, it’s great! I love this pop culture obsession with her. She’s fabulous!

  2. The way Lady Gaga dresses and tthey way she performs as well as her videos make her unique to the other music artist out there.

  3. Ria says:

    So many people are obsessed with her that there should be a word for it gagasession: an extreme obsession with Lady Gaga! I definitely have this obsession. I mean how could you not?!?!? she’s incredible!

  4. Ida Shellito says:

    I sincerely adore Lady Gaga and her strange dresses although she definitely let herself down this time going out in see through undergarments.

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