My Solemn Sunday

I can’t believe it’s already Monday 😦

This week I have school 5 times a week after work from 7pm-10pm. My friends, I love you but in 1 week, I will get sick of you..I tell you this now and I bet it’s MUTUAL 😀 HAHAHAHA!

Soo…to prepare myself for this long tiring week ahead, I aimed to do NOTHING strenuous on my weekend. I ended up following my mom and uncle to see the niches of my late aunt and grandparents.

My mom is the kind of person who cant go anywhere WITHOUT her umbrella. Her MEGA umbrella.

This is her real size compared with the umbrella..leopard-print pants and all.

My uncle couldnt take it anymore and called her Payung Pendek (Malay for “Short Umbrella) the whole day because she was so short, every time she was near him she always knocked his head! hahahahahaha!!!!

Let me tell you…LONTONG and TEA (WITH MILK) do not go together. For the obvious reason that it will give you diarroea.

The whole time in the train, she ABSOLUTELY had to get off to use the toilet. Poor thing..she kept hitting her thighs to distract herself 😦 

But okay la it was still quite funny cos she kept shouting “MERCY” as she ran for the toilet at City Hall! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA! OMG…I am laughing to myself whilst typing this out. Omg….Duffy could have been singing in her head whilst she ran..soo poor thing.

We made our way to St Theresa’s church who, to me, is getting ‘rich’. Just look at their’s very pretty when you are walking around. 

Sometimes, when I come to visit my late relatives, it’s sad to see other peoples’ niches not being taken care of – no flowers, decor, dirty etc.

Luckily, my grandparents and Uncle Augustus had a huge flower to keep them company.

So poor thing this lady with one tiny dried-up flower below my Uncle’s Niche. Oh well.. we’re on our way to the next stop..

St. Peter’s & Paul’s Church to see my late aunt. My mom was in the mood to POSE LIKE THERE WAS NO TOMORROW yesterday so here’s another pic 🙂

Okay..back to serious matters




To St James to see my aunt 🙂 Hahah..She has her own St James Club down here. Okay fine, I am lame..

(St James is also a night club in Singapore)

She passed when she was in her early 50’s. Gone too soon..

ALRIGHT….we have seen our closest relatives during lent already. Now for a’s was soo HOT yesterday and suddenly it rained! So we found salvage at the coffee shop along Victoria Street when I saw THIS BOY….

HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA! I couldnt take it…I had to take a pic of his bunny tail hairstyle. I dont understand this hairstyle..

Finally! Had some snacks to eat…it’s tea time anyway so I could have my tea 😀 BUT AS USUAL…..some annoying relative will start talking about my damn weight.


SO… freaking fries for you dude.

Sheeesh! Let me eat in peace right?

Destress with my mask..went all out last night. 2 dark eye ring strips, a pore pack and my mineral mud mask!

hahahaa yes…I look silly. Who cares? Woooo!

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  1. Elena says:

    Hey! A fellow cultural blogger! Keep it up!

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