Drama: Jack Neo’s Wife Faints In Press Conference

All Singaporeans should know about this drama already but I’m putting this up for those of you who havent seen the video of…..THE PRESS CONFERENCE.

One of the local directors, Jack Neo, had an affair and is allegedly closing down his whole production house to get out of the media industry (or to hide the rest of his affairs, possible you know).

Jack Neo - Photo from Jack Neo's Blog

Thing is I can’t believe his affair became THIS big.

The mistress was Wendy Chong, 22, who auditioned for the role of a nurse *meow* for his movie -Money No Enough 2.

Pervert man..the girl can be his daughter!

Some articles say it was even up to 16 mistresses (click on the link – got photos)! Seriously, you cheat on your wife then you cheat on the first mistress  with 15 other women. Greedy..

In the press conference, his wife and him apologised and broke down to the media (who were merciless with their never-ending photos) and his Ying-Yang close friend/gangster actor took control. Watch the vid to know why he’s “Ying-Yang.”

Click Here to Watch the Video – the whole thing is in Mandarin but there are subtitles.

Seriously, clicks were ALL i could hear when he was crying and his wife was shocked enough she fainted..poor thing.

8 Responses to “Drama: Jack Neo’s Wife Faints In Press Conference”
  1. drey says:

    singapore’s very own tiger woods 😦

    i feel for his wife….

  2. yeah right…poor thing, already embarrassed but still gotta apologise to the media?! dont understand

  3. Slim says:

    why is everyone focusing on Jack only. wot about that shameless tart that willingly, agreed to be the third party and who is now acting the “victim’s” role. it takes 2 to make a clap…i personally feel that she is just as accountable as the male lead. she knew the score before she entered into this arrangement…she just got greedy. plain and simple.

    • I totally agree with you.

      If you read the articles, she was openly giving details about the affair and how they ‘did’ it in the car. She definitely did all that as a publicity stunt to get some ‘popularity’ but I guess my post just focusses on Jack since it is about the press conference video.

      Thanks for sharing your opinion on this 🙂

  4. drey says:

    oh i completely agree!! Only thing is if we acknowledge her then she gets what she wants…. the attention.

    She’s far from the victim. again, i feel for the wife. It’s bad enough that she knew and still stuck it out… but now everyone knows.

  5. comtempaq says:

    Hey, great blog! Sorry I spammed your comment, I thought it was spam! If only there was a way to unspam it…

    Jack Neo has been keeping very quiet aye? Smart of him.

  6. Hey it’s okay 🙂

    Thanks for the comment…He has hasnt he?

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