Drink Up Ladies…You Don’t Gain That Much Weight

It feels good to club/pub for a bit again.

I havent gone in ages due to night school and my sudden urge to say more $$$. Been going back to the regular places – Helipad, Zouk and Chijmes.

1. Chijmes – Cuscaden

They have one of the BEST chicken wings ever! I bought 2 dozen Patio wings that night… Too good to be true! Yes, I can eat 2 dozen wings alone okay! Cant you see the size, I am qualified 🙂

I love how in general, Chijmes is such a great chill out place with lots of good live band pubs and food. Le Baroque is another good place to go cos their live band  is not only awesome but the music is really catered for everyone to enjoy e.g. rock, 80s music etc. 

2. Clarke Quay – Helipad

The waiters were all stoked that night for some reason, took out all their fireworks and started dancing 🙂

And of course, what night would be complete at Helipad without the usual Sarong Fly Bottle that is essentially vodka, blue curacao and lime juice served in an Absolute bottle. It used to be only sold at KM8 but they brought to Helipad too since it’s the same parent company ❤

3. Zouk

Finally, the only other place I would go to is Zouk. Zouk for me, really brings in the BEST DJs in the world but someone has to tighten the security…soo many kids below the age of 18 have gone in.

Zouk Passageway - photo from TheFreshPage.com

This picture was taken after a very strong “Kiss of Death” Shot..THANKS TO DAWN!  Click on the link for the recipe but it’s essentially Jack Daniels, Rum and Tequila in this recipe but at Zouk it is Triple Sec and Cointreu so it varies.

You pour both into a  glass, stir it with your fingers, shoot it down and breathe the drink in FROM YOUR FINGERS!

Knocked me out, literally.

The main point for this post is that I just read an article from CNN yesterday that made me feel good about the fact that Ive been drinking more.

Binge drinking is still not advisable obviously but the occasional drink helps to keep the pounds off based on this article – Women Who Drink Are Less Likely To Gain Weight which is based on a study by Harvard University.

There are other factors that come into play when drinking so just read the article to know more about the benefits and the areas of concern to be aware of e.g. recovering alcoholics, women who are already obese when drinking etc.

Here are a few liners to make your day by Anne Harding 😉

1. The risk of becoming overweight or obese falls as alcohol consumption rises

2. Women who consumed between 1.5 and 3 drinks daily had a 27 percent and 61 percent lower risk of becoming overweight or obese, respectively, than women who didn’t drink at all.

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