Paramore In Singapore!

Finally…Paramore came to Singapore. I am actually not that big of a fan but I do appreciate their music and Hayley is a bloody good ENTERTAINER and not just a musician.

Check it Out!

Welcome to the mosh pit where all you see is a Sea of Heads pushing savagely to get to the front.  This was the crowd ‘slowly’ coming in. (THANK GOD I WAS NOT THERE… looked like mini fights were gonna break out).

The band that opened for Paramore was called ‘Monochrome’. Honestly, the only saving grace were both the guitarists cos they were AWESOME. The female lead singer has super diction problems and she tripped on her ending jump.

Nice one.

Finally…Paramore came on! It was worth the wait!

I tell you the KIDS that went there…you go to a concert wearing heels and a bandage dress? What were you thinking?!

And most of the peeps came in of course, PLAID.

Sigh….sorry for the blur image. My camera lens DIED so I couldnt get any proper photos at the concert and had to resort to my iPhone with no Zoom function or stability for moving objects.

OMG…Here are the videos people……RELIVE THE MOMENT!!!! LET IT BEGIN!!!

10 Responses to “Paramore In Singapore!”
  1. dommy says:

    rad. looks like fun

  2. Kylasayssssss says:

    HAHAHAH !!! If I went, I wouldn’t be so dumb as to wear heels !

  3. drey says:

    haha don’t stop blogging please!!

  4. Ai Ling says:

    i know right. it keeps me entertained when i have no work to do at work.

  5. rouju says:

    I envy U. Why they didn’t come to Indonesia. U’re lucky

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