Tattoo FAQ: How To Care For Your Scabbing Tattoo

And it has begun.

My tiny first tattoo has been scabbing and SHEDDING all over my table at work.

Just look at the side profile of the shedding!

It kinda seemed like the little tub of moisturizer wouldnt be enough cos it just keeps shedding. I JUST WANT TO PICK AT IT to make my tiny tatt pretty again.

BUT, ALAS…..I cant.

For those of you who just got your first tattoo like I did, here are some fun facts for taking care of it (after some research).

Tattoo Care For Scabs

1. Don’t Pick At The Scab: I know it’s tempting and super itchy BUT it will give you a scar. It will also take the ink if you peel the scan and you’ll have an inkless spot on your tattoo 😦 Your best part is to let it fall off on its own.

2. Precautions after showering: After you shower, you’d notice that the scab is very soft and VERY TEMPTING TO PEEL OFF. I tell you, abstainance is the key here.

It really is best to let it drop off so that the likelyhood of the ink coming off with it is minimized.

Also, applying moisturizer right after you shower on the soft scab, will probably still be too vigourous and the scab will most likely come out whilst moisturizing. Wait for at least 30 mins or at least until the scab is dry to apply the moisturizer.

3. The Moisturizer: So far, the tattoo artists Ive heard recommend is Rosken’s Dry Skin Moisturizer. That’s also the one they provide in SG for you to use.

Or you can also use, Vaseline Intensive Care or any Jergens Moisturizers but check this with your artist first.

4. Maybe you just got an infection: It’s true. Scabbing could be  a sign of infection. If you see pus or redness around your tattoo, just apply a very hot towel to it to draw out the pus and put some anti-bacterial cream on it. YOU GOT NO CHOICE. Or…just go to the polyclinic doctor to clean it up for you if you’re a wuss at these things.

5. No tanning:  This is a given la my friends. If you have a sun burn on your new tattoo, it will cause the tattoo to scab even more and fade before it has healed!

Hope this helped 🙂

10 Responses to “Tattoo FAQ: How To Care For Your Scabbing Tattoo”
  1. meli says:

    Vaseline works wonders. (;

    • I know man! I wanted to buy a tub for my eczema but my mom actually thought I started having sex cos in the old days, Vaseline was used as lubricant.

      Talk about creativity.

  2. drey says:


  3. emdee818 says:

    ur not suppose to use vase….because it prevents the tat to “breathe”…

  4. amber says:

    A&D the vitamins do wonders no peeling or scabbing and i got a neck tat! also no fading i herd vasaline can suck the color out. My artist was amazed i didnt need touch ups he said alot of neck tats need at least two because its surprizingly tough skin….

  5. Imogen says:

    Do NOT use Vaseline!!
    Any good tattooist will tell you
    it doesnt let the tattoo “breathe” and can also fade the colours
    Use BEPANTHEN (baby rash cream) it’s like a miracle cream!!
    I’ve used it on all mine n they’ve healed wonderfully! (except my Cheshire Cat on my ribs) bt that’s cause I didn’t take care after showers n rubbed dry instead of pat =/


  6. Kimberly says:

    Aquaphor is really awesome too. I have a portrait on my back, in a region really hard to reach, but healed beautifully. Now, I have a pesky scabbing problem with the rose on my arm, but somehow it looks okay. :/

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