I tried to diet today…and I gladly failed

What?! What?!

Come on face it, it’s me. I eat anything that tastes good and you expect me to diet?!

My morning began as per normal. A lonely working SG girl in her “Office Lady attire. The previous family gathering, the first greeting she had was that she had put on weight.

SO I WAS ON A MISSION……a short one.

I started out my breakfast with 1 Soon Kueh and 1 Lemon Juice instead of my usual Teh-O-Peng (tea without milk) and Nasi Lemak.

By lunch, my lime juice looked untouched. By 4.14pm, it looked like this:

Hehe…aiyah, dont force me to drink something like this in the morning. It was refreshing but too sour.

I cant imagine the hardcore dieters who drink those awful slimming teas or worse – DON’T EAT.

Too much discipline and mental stress..I’ll take the hips and the treats PLEASE 🙂

6 Responses to “I tried to diet today…and I gladly failed”
  1. bips says:

    ha ha ha……..try it again and again

    • hahaha I am! I got used to the sourness of the lime juice but I went back to my normal breakfast. I need energy to work..and I will definitely not get it from ‘grass’ alone (if you get my drift).


  2. Yes, the word “dieting” has such bad connotations! Wouldn’t it be easier to just say; I am trying to incorporate more nutritious foods and don’t have as much room for the “junk” food (except on occasion of course!)

  3. Mojo says:

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