Express Manicures Wasted My Time

I tell you guys…I love my regular manicure n pedicure pamperings.

My mom and I bought a package from Wax In The City which includes all their waxing, threading and mani/pedi services just discounted. BUT there schedule is always soo bloody packed so I always need to make a booking 3 weeks in advance and I’ll do EVERYTHING at one shot and spend half a day of some SERIOUS PAMPERING there with my mom.

I couldn’t wait for a slot to be opened today though so I went to this express mani/pedi place at Tampines Interchange.

LADIES….I TELL YOU AH!!!!!! Make sure you get recommendations for your express mani/pedi places or at least HEARD OF IT because this place I went to left me with the following:

1) There was a black strand of LINT on my freshly dried express French manicure which should have been noticed whilst applying the top coat

(HAHAHHHA…my finger looks a bit retarded in this pic)

2) They did not clean UNDER MY TOE NAILS for the express pedicure

And lastly….

3) So much for it being ” Express”. I was there for 1 full hour!

Express in Singapore normally means your nails are done in maybe 20 mins or less with only shaping and polishing. I sat there, with both manicurist and pedicurist doing my nails at the same tme, for 1 hour.

I dont understand.

And the manicurist just kept coming back every 5 mins to change the temperature of my dryer!





HOT………no la I like it cold again.


Hellooo….just get my nails dry so I could get outta here! Now, I gotta touch up the spoilt nails myself.



Thanks -_-


4 Responses to “Express Manicures Wasted My Time”
  1. bips says:

    hello…..what’s wrong…..

    • Hey..thanks for the comment 🙂

      Just to clarify further, I just think the service provided at this place was not adequate as I have been to A LOT of nail salons. I ended up cleaning up the sloppy job myself when it should have been done by manicurist.


  2. cynthia says:

    if u r looking for nail parlours in the city area, check out pink parlour, they have outlets in marina sq, liang court and far east.
    service is not perfect but definitely better than most i have come across.

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