It Has Begun: My First Tattoo

Finally my conjunctivitis is clearing but my eyes are still puffy like hell though 😦

It was the weirdest thing! Audrey had it on our Bangkok trip (which I would post up picks shortly) for the whole trip BUT I ONLY GOT IT FROM HER ONCE I GOT HOME and AFTER I showered.

I felt a tad blind when I was at work and kept having to use anti-bacterial gel with the looks I kept getting 🙂

So……I haven’t announced this yet but








I GOT PROMOTED AT WORK! I am now officially a Campaign Manager.

So to commemorate the event, I finally got my first tattoo that has been 5 years overdue…my 4-leaf clover.

I made a deal with my mom that if I gave her 14 points for O’Levels, I could get a tattoo… and I gave her 12 points.

That was 5 years ago ( I cannot believe it was that long ago).

By now, I have all the final images of the 4 tattoos I want to do but I got no balls to get it done!

The only tattoos I want in my life

1. 4-leaf clover on my left wrist to receive good luck

2. Peacock feather on my foot to represent

3. Red Indian Native feather on my thigh on the side

4. Rosary on my side


5. Angel with a bowed head on my lower back

Yes, I got a thing for feathers. They make me feel all free,  and ‘fluttery’ okay?! 😀

so yesterday I had a sudden spurge of adrenaline to go get it done AND I DID!! I got it at Black Emperor Tattoo at Bugis by Moon and he helped to tweak the slanted image I provided to  and improve on the shading 🙂

Only the leaf nearest to the vain hurt a bit but other than that, he was pretty gentle. Overall, it was worth it!

4 Responses to “It Has Begun: My First Tattoo”
  1. Ai Ling says:

    Should have gone to my friend val!

    She is awesomely awesome!

  2. Ai Ling says:

    no lah the scabbing all is normal.. just that i love my artist. haha! 🙂

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