Flaunt Your Flaws : My Not-So-Perfect Body Size

Sometimes, I hate that I live in Singapore.

The clothes here are catered for the stick-thin Asian women who LITERALLY ARE THAT SIZE. Just look at all the Miss Singapore Universe contestants and you’d know what I mean..

Physique of a typical Singaporean girl

1. Twig-looking arms

2. Long legs (virtually no cellulite unlike me)

3. Almost  Anorexic-looking figure by global standards

4 Disadvantage: No butt, no boobs

Sometimes, I cant even buy the “Free-Size” Dresses because they are not catered to my size. It’s for the typical Singaporeran girl and I end up reselling all the clothes I bought since I couldn’t try some of them.

I have the hips, I am not skinny and I HAVE THIGHS AND A BUTT. TAKE A LOOK!

Okay…to some of you, you may think my size and the thigh look decently okay but it is hard to get clothes.

As shameless as this is gonna sound, I do look at myself in the mirror as I am changing for work and Ive finally accepted my size.

Reasons For Accepting My Not-So- Perfect Body Size

1. Life is too short to worry about these things ladies..Yes, I have cellulite but guess what..

When I use my clothes, I fill them out nicely and I can still wear clothes that flatter me le.g A-line flowing skirts or high-waisted skirts or pants.

When I use my bikini or or skinny jeans or pants, you can see that I have a butt and AT LEAST if I dont have big boobs, I have that much 🙂

2. I kinda like being one of the bigger girls

Whenever I see some of the skinny girls, they look so fragile like as though they were going to break any moment.

Besides, not everyone wants to hold a twig to sleep right?! HAHAHAHA..

3.  I got more compliments being bigger than skinnier!

Yes, it’s true!! Why would I lie to you…Apparently, I got more compliements from both men and women that I looked healthier once I put on the weight.

I used to be really active in secondary school so I had a really high metabolism so I dropped weight fast. From then until end of polytechnic, I still looked skinny and my head looked like a lollipop on my body. 

Once I put on the weight, I looked more proportionate, face didn’t look so sunken in and I didnt feel so self-conscious anymore because I ABSOLUTELY STOPPED CARING.

That was the best feeling of all.

***Guest Post – Thatgirlisfunny.com

5 Responses to “Flaunt Your Flaws : My Not-So-Perfect Body Size”
  1. hello Miss Skinny but thinks she’s not…it all depends on who you’re standing next to 😀

    that model is too bony, but she’s not showing us ideal body weight, she’s selling a bathing suit. If she were fleshy, we might notice her and not the bikini.

    Be happy with God gave you. You’d be surprised what men find attractive. Mostly, that starts with your smile. Be happy!

    I’m going to see if I can reprint this article one day this week or next, ok?

  2. I love this post because I think it reflects the way ALOT of girls feel. Even in America, all that we see on TV are these perfect images of females who are getting PAID to NOT eat and exercise ridiculously long amounts of time. It’s time for women to embrace their God given curves!! I am going to have to link this in my site. I hope you don’t mind! 🙂

    • Hey Erin,

      Thanks for the comments! Not at all 🙂 Glad you feel the same way..it’s about time! It’s really sad that this is sooo common here where the girls’ parents/family members are getting involved in the dieting and name calling.

      It’s time to love the curves again…at least you still have a life for lovin’ it ❤

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