$$$$$ Chinese New Year $$$$$

I love Chinese New Year.

I celebrate it too in full force cos my grandpa is Chinese. So… although my family is largely Eurasian, we decorated our house, we wore our clothes in red or a Cheong Sam, wore all the gold jewellery, did the steamboat, Lo Hei, gambling…EVERYTHING.

Apart from that, everyone looks forward to the $$$$$$$ or Ang Bao! If you’re visiting and you’re married, PLEASE give an Ang Bao between the price of $6-$8. In an article, it’s considered RUDE to give anything less and you won’t receive the ‘luck’ back in return.

So for those of you who have never celebrated it before…Here’s a brief walk-through for the CNY festivities 😉

Day 1)  Have Lo Hei  for dinner before CNY (optional, you can do this after if u want to).

We went to a nearby coffee shop for seafood and Lo Hei and the owner decorated her whole stall with crab shells!

Lo Hei

My mom got a too excited there with the food...

Toss the Lo Hei!! For wealth *toss*, for more hot men in 2010 *toss*..

Foooood!!!! WOooo!

Fake Sharks Fin Soup : I prefer the egg version a lot more than the sadder latter

Almond Longan Ice Kachang: All Ice, No Visible Kachang

My mom won and finally found the first Longan -_-

 Night 1) CLUB!

Blooody helll! We went to club at Rebel cos my cousins were all there and we got carded!! I am 22, the age limit is 18 for females in Singapore, I never needed ID and I got carded -_-

Luckily, one of my friends, Ai Ling, saved us the trip and dropped by my place and Audrey’s to get our IDs ❤

Day 2: The Relatives’ House

More Lo Hei....Much Much More 😉

More CNY Food!!

Woooooo!!!!! Lontong, Mee Siam, Tahu Gorend and Nasi Lemak!!!! Yum!

And of course, what would Chinese New Year be without the gambling…Mahjong x2 tables, Bingo and Black Jack.

By now, it’s 3am in the morning, we’re very tired and sleepy. BUT…..one last drink with our Tiger Beer ❤

Good Night ❤


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