From Anto with Love….Happy Valentine’s Day

Helloo Darlings 😉

Just wanted to wish you all a very loving Valentine’s Day!

I never liked Valentine’s Day actually. I was ALWAYS in black, my presents were darkly coloured to my friends and this huge box of cookies I made for my partner once was black but covered in purple jewels. I even dissed the lame chocolate and teddy ‘bouquets’ I saw endlessly on Orchard Road..

Gosh…a bouquet HAS FLOWERS!

Ladies, if you are alone on Valentine’s Day. Dont worry la honestly..just enjoy the moment and embrace singlehood! Here’s a quick commercial that made me laugh like hell about what your man could really be like 😉

Anyway, wanted to share with you guys that I got surprised with a beautiful bouquet of white lilies in the office on Friday!

Woooooo!!!! I LOVE LILIES and I was the only one who got flowers delivered to the office.

My  partner definitely knows what I like when ordering from florist, Garden Pixies. So sweet la….the bouquet was seriously custom made to fit me with lilies, my faveourite flower of all time, and I either like my bouquets to be all white or VERY DRAMATIC with lotsa colour ❤

Hope all of you peeps had a great one!


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