The Cathay: My One-Stop Shop!

Sigh…sooo many birthdays this month 😦 I love you my friends but you guys make me broke man! Luckily, it’s not the second half of the year yet where all our parents were conceiving on New Years 😉

I was walking around town yesterday, looking for presents for all you peeps and… town is getting ridiculously CROWDED! And yes, I know it’s already crowded… But I never saw it like this:

Orchard Road - Photo Courtesy of Ton MJ's Flickr PhotoStream

Ahhhhhhh!!!! Hate crowds! Somemore all you Singaporeans just BANG INTO ME LIKE YOU CANT SEE ME! Not only that, you do not know the words, ‘sorry’ and ‘excuse me’.

Hello…………I’m Singaporean also okay. If you bang me, I WILL BANG YOU!  *BOOYAKASHA-Mad Hand Signs*

I am on a Get-Those-Presents Mission. Thank god for The Cathay at Dhoby Ghaut!

One – It’s not soo crowded like the Orchard so I can actually WALK AROUND and shop comfortably

Two – I can find gifts which are not so common

Once I reached, was seriously craving for Astons though. I had it yesterday since they opened a Hawker stall near my place but I need to have it AGAIN at Aston’s Specialities. It’s soo CHEAP AND GOOD! Just look at my steak…..*drools*

Lunch – DONE.

For all the girls, I normally get them the same thing anyway – ACCESORIES! You can get really quirky vintage clothes and accesories from Dejavu Vintage at #01-18.

House Skirt - Dejavu Vintage

Road Runner Necklace (photo from Dejavu Vintage)

But sometimes, not everyone knows how to appreciate vintage finds so for you people….

I will get generic presents 😉

OI! At least it’s still Haivaianas you know..Luckily there’s a New Urban Male (NUM) store to get these Haivaianas for you peeps at #01-01. I still love the slim collection that has all my ethnic colours ❤

It’s also time for me to WAX 🙂 My poor legs have been denied loving care. So……I headed to Strip Co-ed at #02-10 after booking my appointment. Contemplating a bikini wax pattern below but decided to skip this for this occasion!

Ohhhhhhhh…..1 MORE PRESENT TO GO! Next to Spin the Bottle at #01-02.

When all else fails, Spin The Bottle doesn’t. Most of the time, I ended up shopping for myself 🙂 hahahahah THEY HAVE TSHIRT LABEL – WORN FREE NOW WHAT?! I am entitled to procrastinate!

But I still can’t believe we have a Singapore Tshirt because of Chris Stein from Blondie.

Chris Stein - Blondie (photo from Worn Free)


OhhhHH!!!! Phew!! Now to treat myself over at Ben & Jerry’s at with some Dublin Mudslide before I head home *yum*

Good bye for now darlin’ ❤

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2 Responses to “The Cathay: My One-Stop Shop!”
  1. In case you guys were wondering, this is a blogging contest entry 🙂

  2. You can buy many t-shirt from
    There is also singapore souvenir tshirt.
    Btw, nice experience on your blog 🙂

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