Go DIY Darlings: Luxe Nails Starts Today

Had some dinner with the cousins at Shokudo 🙂

I just have to show you my tiny but damn messy Bacon Rosti Pizza! YUM!!! One poor strand of potato fighting for it’s life to stay on right there..

Shokudo: Bacon Rosti Pizza


Many of you keep asking me how I look after my nails and in painting both sides of my hands. It’s pretty simple really..much attributed to my mom who took PRIDE in her nails and taught me the ropes from Day 1.

Anto’s DIY Nail Spa Day

1. Always PROTECT your nails. I use Sally Hansen’s Nail Protex once every 2 weeks since it has Vitamins and Anti-Oxident complex to strengten my nails naturally.

This also helps in hardening it so it doesnt break so easily 😉

2. DONT BITE YOUR NAILS.. OI! Stop it ahh…I bet you’re biting now whilst reading this. You want chippy, cracked nails? I think not!

3. Shape your nails according to what suits your nail type best. E.g. for longer nails – curve tips. For broader nails, straight tip.

4. Don’t buy cheap nail polish. I know I know…not all of us can afford it. Im talking about the real dodgy no brand ones from the Lelong shops at the bus interchange. If you can afford that $1 more, please buy a better nail polish like from FaceShop at least.

I only buy…….O.P.I Nail Lacquer!! MUAHAHAHAHA…. MY LOVE FOR O.P.I RUNS DEEP LIKE THE SEA. It lasts long, it has beautiful colours, it protects your nails, what more could I want?

The latest Alice in Wonderland Collection is OUT!!! GO GET IT!!

O.P.I Alice In Wonderland Collection

I just started using this colour from the Christmas Collection called ‘Meet and Jingle’ (even the names are so cute) ❤


Aye omg…my thigh is so hairy in this photo -_-

‘Meet and Jingle’ from the Christmas Collection will come out looking like this:

5. To have a very smooth finish, aim to paint your WHOLE nail in 3 LONG STROKES – Right, Centre Left and do at least 2-3 coats to really see the colour.

6. Finish with a top coat to ensure the lacquer lasts longer! O.P.I for me can last a full month with a top coat AND NO BITING!

Enjoy ❤

2 Responses to “Go DIY Darlings: Luxe Nails Starts Today”
  1. drey says:

    Can you put a video up so that people have a better idea of how it’s done, and maybe what they’re doing wrong 😦

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