Kiss Bad Parties Good-bye!

Helloo!!! So sorry guys..I’ve been soo busy at work cos we’re shifting offices and I had soo many birthdays to attend to!

QUICK SHOUT OUT – Happy Birthday You Guys!!! Here are some of the pics from one of the parties ❤

Tasha's Surprise Party

Little Mermaid Cake ❤

The Chiquititas! (Tasha n The Girls)

I tell you ahh..there are soo many parties in January and in September. It’s almost like everyones’ parents conceived during New Years (Sept babies) and on April Fools Day (Jan babies)!! Especially in September…my wallet is flat empty then 😦

So anyway, I LOVE PARTIES….but I love planning them more. The joy when u plan a surprise party and u see the birthday person soo appreciate of the thought that went into the party gives me a high like no other.

Sadly, some of the parties I went to these past couple of months, were not soo ‘well-planned’. Here are some horrific details of planning I observed at some of the parties I went to and PLEASE TAKE NOTE IF YOU ARE PLANNING A PARTY SOON: 

1. If it’s a surprise party, the people involved, please REMEMBER that it is indeed a ‘SURPISE’ for the Birthday person. DO NOT CALL THEM TO TELL THEM YOU CANT COME FOR THEIR SURPRISE PARTY!

2. If you offered help to plan a surprise party, please do show up. Or you will most likely be blacklisted from the volunteers list.

3. If you are planning a party in an obscure area e.g at the park. the beach or a carpark,  please ensure the basic necessities are met like a TOILET. *********** If there is no toilet, remember that you are the host  and be gracious enough to extend the usage of your own toilet.

4. If you are having a BBQ, please ensure you have an assigned person to BBQ. You are the host, do not make your guests BBQ for you unless they offer to do so because they enjoy it.

5.  If you are having a BBQ, please ensure that THERE IS FOOD to BBQ, with some kind of marinade and not BBQ it RAW.

6. If you are having a BBQ, please  ensure the BBQ has at least STARTED 1 hr after the stipulated time for your guests to arrive. HUNGRY GUESTS WILL BLACKLIST YOU… me cos i get damn grouchy when im not fed *grrrrrrrr*  

7. If your 21 and you’re planning a party, and you are known to provide alcohol at your party, PLEASE DONT HIDE YOUR SECRET ALCOHOL STASH  AND TAKE EM OUT AFTER SOME GUESTS LEAVE…..bloody cheapskate. In the end I drank water!!!

Good god my list can go on I tell you!!! Sooo many badly planned parties!!! Guys honestly just have the BASICS:

1. Have enough food:  Also be sensitive to those who are vegetarian or cant eat certain food due to their religion

2. Drinks: Provide both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks

3. Toilet: Make sure THERE IS ONE and keep it clean with enough toilet rolls.

4. Have an interesting theme: you do want to have a fun night right? Dont go cheap on the decor to enhance it further

5. Music: Walao…..ur party will be soo dead without the atmosphere. Play something suitable to the theme or age group

6. Mingle around, look after the wallflowers and thank everyone INDIVIDUALLY for coming.

Sooo simple ❤


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