Mission: Hope for Haiti

OMG my essay took longer than expected to do…I can’t believe I forgot it was due today at 5pm and I only realised yesterday at 9pm!

So that is OFFICIALLY the end of the third module ❤

I’ve been sooo busy this week! All my things slowly started getting spoilt or ran out so I had to ‘replenish’ them 🙂

My shades were dying! Freaking $10 shades were good but they were $10 for a reason! So….i decided to get myself my first branded item – Raybans ❤

One of the things I did was to help Breaking Margins in a clothes collection drive for the victims of the Haiti earthquake in collaboration with City Care Singapore. The original goal was to provide clothes but Haiti representitives have informed us that they are in desperate need of medical aid and not clothes anymore.

So…we will be selling the clothes to raise funds for medical supplies! Please come and support guys, our first flea will be at the Wave House on 20-21 Feb 2010. Trust me, some of the donated items were very new too!

First stop for the day – Collected the clothes from the office on SATURDAY (was too lazy to bring it back on Friday since I went out).  Chinese New Year is around the corner and they’ve already started putting up all the decor..

The brave office window washers

I can NEVER do this. If you see me up there, dont be mistaken the wetness around you to be dirty water, thats my PEE cos im gonna be SHIT SCARED. Ooooooo….you’re lucky if that doesn’t come out too. HAHAHAHAHA im gross i know 🙂

Chinese New Year Decor - Main entrance ❤

I can’t wait for CNY!!! Food, gambling and $$$$$$$$$$….COME ON LA!  Like as though you’re not looking forward to the moolah. If you don’t think it’s that important, you can send it to me via iBanking. Please comment with your name and contact numbers for volunteers..I accept all amounts 😉 * I Kid*

My company was so sweet…they passed me a huge bag of clothes in support of the Haiti clothes drive.

So we reached the co-founder of Breaking Margin’s house and realised that we had no boxes whatsoever to pack the clothes in.

MIND YOU, WE HAD AN OVERWHELMING RESPONSE…Imagine this in your backyard






Mother’s ultimate nightmare! But hey…it’s for charity 🙂 So our mission for the day broke up into two areas:

Mission 1: Find boxes (Super Karang-Gunis to the rescue!)

Mission 2: Pack the clothes according to flea locations and prices 

Tools to be used: Blue rope and our handy dandy bicycles

You wouldn’t believe what we saw.. along the route to the Cold Storage to ‘steal’ our discarded boxes, there were many people doing  ‘Longkang (drain) Fishing’ ! I havent seen this in AGES!!

Finally, we reached Cold Storage and dug around for our boxes..KARANG GUNI STYLE!

If there’s no one to help, you gotta do it yourself. I must say, our resourceful is clearly seen in the amount of boxes we got being held up by this magically blue rope.

Alright la so we may have been a bit kiasu on tying the boxes but it NECESSARY man. Nice clean boxes VS dirty ones rolled over by oncoming cars? You decide darlings..

The packing looked like it will never end cos the batch you see in the pictures above….those were from only 2 days of clothes collection.

Okay…gonna turn in now ppl. After a busy charitable Saturday and a hectic Sunday rushing a 1,200 word essay, my dark circles are darkening.

I’m glad I did this..at least I contributed in SOME WAY to help the surviving  Haitians. Even if I couldn’t physically and financially provide medical aid, I could still help raise the funds to do so.

Good Night 😉

2 Responses to “Mission: Hope for Haiti”
  1. drey says:

    Hope for Haiti! The boxes were definitely a must…
    But i have to say good balancing for the person cycling 😉

  2. fizah says:

    updateeee updateeeee…

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