Singapore: We’re Gonna Be Cougar Town Baby!

You got it! In the next 50 years YOU could be a Cougar.

According to for 2009, Singaporean women are expected to live until 83 years old whilst the MEN live until 78 years only! There are gonna be A LOT of single and widowed women in the next 50 years.

Somemore, we are only having 1 child or NO CHILD per family so our bodies won’t go out of shape anyway. With only 976 men per every 1,000 women………

Singapore is gonna be the next Cougar Town in 50 years.

Come to think of it, it is actually very possible. Why not ?! The women here are educated (96% of female population), we own our homes (90%) and we earn on average $3,875 per month (assuming the average household income is split evenly).

That’s still pretty much a stable lifestyle which allows us to be the breadwinner any time. 

Okay before you all think I’m some loser surfing on Singapore Statistics, we brought this up during lunch and I wanted to get FACTUAL EVIDENCE that this could happen.

And it can….. (A* for Anto – Renegade Researcher! hahahahaha)

2 Responses to “Singapore: We’re Gonna Be Cougar Town Baby!”
  1. dknypg83 says:

    wow, i didn’t know about the statistics… interesting!! but couldn’t u find a more suitable pic than demi moore and ashton kutcher?!? 🙂 anyway, nice blog! cheers…

  2. hahaa thanks for the comment.. I thought demi moore was the perfect example in this case 🙂

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