Favourite Beauty Fix: Have some ‘ME’ time

OMG I am almost done with the final report for Army Daze 🙂

Handing it up today but had to do final rounds of edits first with the girls. Yesterday, I decided to make use of my Sunday evening and tried on a new mask!! Wooo!!!

Have you guys ever got stopped and had one of those annoying but ATTRACTIVE Israeli salespeople pitch to you about their dead sea products?

They bloody hell stop me countless number of times and not only do they pitch to you, they will hold your hand ‘to test the product’ but they are actually keeping you there so you DONT RUN AWAY. *Clever*

My mom just goes with the flow cos the handsome young Israeli man is flirting with her and convinced her to buy the product *extremely clever just by touching someone’s hand* I bet she didnt even hear his pitch..haha 🙂

So……. I decided to try one of the products called “Sea of Spa: Pure Mineral Mud”

It’s a FULL BODY mud mask and as you can see, you got to put this on when it’s warm and YES – heating it up like this is safe la, the plastic won’t catch fire. Paranoid 🙂

The dead sea minerals are suppose to be very good for cleansing and exfoliation but the mask was soo tight I seriously couldn’t even smile:










HAHAHAHAHAHA….eh i was desperate okay! took out my oldest shorts and rolled up my tank. So freaking tight man the mask!

1. I could barely move cos it was so stiff

2. if you pimples, you can feel a ‘sensation’

3. Clean up is a BITCH!!!

Just look at my bathroom floor! I didnt realise when they meant MUD, it literally behaves like mud where once it’s wet, it becomes semi-solid again and doesn’t disolve as easily.

Although the after effects of the mask were great because my skin did feel smoother and tighter, shit the clean up totally put me off! I ended up being tired from cleaning the bathroom with all the mud on the floor.

I suggest if you ever want to do a Dead Sea full body mask, if you can afford it, go to the spa and do it or else, you’d end up cleaning for 15 mins after your shower like me 😦

Rating: 3/5

3 Responses to “Favourite Beauty Fix: Have some ‘ME’ time”
  1. dknypg83 says:

    lol at the flirting isreali salesperson… 😀 and lol at your ahem… sexy pose… :p i guess u can also suggest people to fly straight to the dead sea in jordan for the original treatment if they could afford it…

  2. hahhaa! what a mess! you are too funny…but still cute even covered in mud and looking slightly uncomfortable. That’s the price of experimenting. Thanks for doing it so now I don’t have to. 😀

  3. Santo Newall says:

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