Welcome To CAMFROG..I know you’d have a nice day ;)

School is ending!!….For the semester. This module actually had the most passionate lecturers I met…. with one giggly exception who giggles every time you mention the word PORN.

Porn PORN porn *giggles..PROFUSELY*



.            .            .      My goodness.


So in this course, we’re doing Asian Media and Global Communication so you’re suppose to look at any media text and relate it back to globalisation for that country.

One of the examples our lecturer gave was the use of…… Camfrog in Thailand.

Basicly, it’s a global video chatJust look at some of the “video chats” going on….before Youtube closes them down.

Eh! I can just imagine some of you PERVERTS probably gonna check it out and JOIN already…i know it -_-

Can u imagine? Maybe this is what Patpong has evolved into..to a certain extent. The girls dont get touched and they can do it in the comfort of their own rooms.

In some of the chats, there’s a Thai ‘host’ that acts like a radio DJ asking people to join the Live Chat and see the girl. Why would these girls do it though? How much $$$ is involved to strip naked for millions? 

Somemore just look at some of the possible pervs out there la.. 



Hentai Fetish


Role-Play Fetish




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