Booze for your Boobs

OMG…………i dont know whether to laugh at this cos it’s sorta creative or to be damn insulted:

Over Easy over at One Fullerton is giving away free drinks according to your bust size.

No Joke!!!   It’s part of their  “Fill My Cup” promo…haha shit! Damn cheesy la..

“The free drink nights have strict rules: There are two judges, one of each gender, who visually determine each woman’s cup size. A women with an A cup receives one free drink, a B cup gets two, a C cup slurps down three, those lucky enough to have a D cup walk away with a free bottle of vodka”.

Omg, this is just so that some fool has a purpose and absolute chance to look directly at some chick’s (or dude’’d never know) boobs and not get hit.

Blooody hell…as insulted as I am, I WISH I WAS A D-CUP! hahahaha get a free bottle of vodka just for something I already have..damn good deal what?!!! Don’t need to buy any drinks the rest of the night.

As it is, my poor miniscule boobies can only get 1-2 free drinks 😦 sigh…all the more I want a boob job. 

If I was a visual boob tester though, quite frankly, everyone is also getting 1-2 free drinks!

Boob Test 1 - omg all of you 1 drink only! Take out those tissues!!


Boob Test 2 - since got soo many of you; 1 each and throw in a free one 😉 (the poor things)

Man boobs need NOT apply

Hahahahah it’s the Asian curse – women here sadly only have A-B size boobies; myself included BUT…. I am stunted. Black dad and Eurasian mom with only B cup boobs; confirm stunted growth.

If you got a C- cup,  you are either fat, have super good genes (very rare) OR you’re a PR turned Singaporean. 

Oh well, I’d take the one free drink and suck it up 🙂

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