Karen O <3

I can die now….I have seen Karen O live!!!! For all of you who are sadly unaware..

I am talking about The Yeah Yeah Yeahs!!!!

Wooooooooo!!!! THANK GOD she didn’t lip-sync..and for those of you who thought the restricted tickets were gonna be bad




I could see everything from a bird’s eye view!!! Woooooo!!

Now THAT was a concert. I am so happy they played Maps, Zero and Y Control 🙂 Was waiting for my Soft Shock but nvm…I can die now.

A lot of weird people turned up:

1. Families

2. Businessmen

3. Old receding hairline man who stood in the frontrow alone

The only annoying thing about this kinda concerts is that you see all the wannabe indie emo kids. Every version of a bloody Indie Emo kid came out.

Oh well whatever..it was worth it still ❤

❤  Anto


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