Laugh – That’s an order.

I can’t believe sometimes that I am working full-time and studying part time. Seriously, if you asked anyone, they’d tell you…. you must have no social life.


  1. I have school twice a week (on normal modules)
  2. I have school 4 times a week now cos of intensive modules (Sat: 9am to freaking 5pm!!)
  3. I just saw another module timetable where it’s class EVERYDAY for a week; but okay la that’s the whole module.
  4. ****’School’ is from 7pm-10pm on a good day with no projects after

I haven’t hung out with my CTC girls in ages, I see my poly friends once every month if there’s no class on thurs and I barely got time for myself or Cherby. I HAVE NOT CLUBBED/PUBBED IN AGES…

Last Saturday, I had the most intensive class ever from 9am-5pm





This was me by 2pm.

I cannot take it already la..2 lectures and 2 tutorials in one class. Worse of all, my friends all didnt come! Hahah only 1 came after 12pm…basket.

So for this module, we’re doing some Asian media and global comm and my group has decided to do Army Daze: The Movie and it’s impact on Singapore.

Blast from the Past!!!!

I LOVE KENNY PEREIRA!! hahahahahahahha….MADONNA *kenny’s peacock pose*

Here’s the link to see the full movie for all of you in denial of wanting to watch it again 😉

❤ Anto

2 Responses to “Laugh – That’s an order.”
  1. cherry says:

    army daze is classic!!! nvm the crappy production, it’s funny as hell and i think we all know people like the characters! doesn’t kenny pereira remind you of another ‘kenny’? heehee

    “my mission is to become a housewife in hougang!”

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