Tila Tequila: What the hell happened to you?!

Who’s watched ‘A Shot At Love with Tila Tequila’? *FRANTICALLY WAVES HAND IN THE AIR*

Okay i dont know about you, but I was obsessed with the show. In Spore, we didnt have it broadcasted on MTV because of ‘controversial issues’ – lesbianism blah lah blah. WHO CARES?!!! The boys were hot and so were some of the girls what..

Anyway, the show ( I believe) was the first of it’s kind – A bisexual bachelorette looking for love. But Tila picked the wrong person for the first season! It should have been:




DANI CAMPBELL!!! Wahhhhhhh…….*drools -falls off chair* Instead of this dork called Bobby.

Tila and Bobby failed *as we all knew it would* and she came on the show a SECOND SEASON looking for love to get dumped by the chick this time AND…………it doesnt end pretty.

Check It Out!! (can’t find a better video yet..SORRY!)

So after this whole drama, she ends up with Johnson and Johnson heiress – Casey Johnson who gave her a 17 BLOODY K DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RING  *dont bloody believe it*


Casey died on Monday and has been dead for several days. SEVERAL DAYS. Where was Tila? God knows but guess how she mourned her fiance’s death? With a paparazzi photoshoot. She invited Radar Online so she could ‘publicly’ say goodbye to her fiance.

Who does that?!! Eeee. If I was Casey and I saw you do that, I’ll come back and HAUNT you.. and take back my 17k diamond ring 🙂

❤ Anto

One Response to “Tila Tequila: What the hell happened to you?!”
  1. Churl says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! oh anto, I love the last part of the post!

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