The Wrinkles War

Did anyone ever tell you on your 21st birthday that ‘you better enjoy it; cos the next thing you know it,  your’e hitting 30 and it’s all downhill from there’?

On my 21st party 2 years ago (SHIT THE TIME IS FLYING ALREADY), everyone was telling me this and I didnt believe it.

Guess what?! Im 22 (and im always gonna be 22 even when im 30! I tell you now). In a span of a year, my perfect eyesight is NO MORE thanks to astigmatism. Not only do I have astigmatism, its only in 1 bloody eye ah! So can you imagine my glasses? One side is just for show 🙂

But okay la, I dont think I look THAT BAD in ém. If I did, viewing pleasure will be restricted to the office and that’s it! hehehe 🙂

Okay no more Kawaii crap, back to the dilemma. In my family, the girls all have the bad genes – pigmentation, cellulite, receding hairline, grey hair when young..blah blah blah. So…………. 


Step 1: Cellulite Buster

I dont care if I got it or not, I am using this cos it’s gonna give me thighs like this!!!!:

Step 2: The figure

Yes, I have joined the yuppie crowd and joined a gym a year back. But honestly, it’s been working. I already lost the 3-4 kg that I gained over Xmas by going twice a week; 2 hrs each time.

Step 3: The Face

I love masks! I put one on every weekend and it doesn’t matter if it’s an SKII mask or a normal Skinlite mask like the ones in Sasa, it’s still better than none.

Hahahaha I even convinced my uncle to try one too..It feels too good la 🙂

That’s all for now 🙂

❤ Anto


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