It’s all about the lace..

I gotta say, it’s 4.10am now on a SUNDAY and my eyes are already tearing BUT…..

Basket, the garters and stockings are soo sexy (very affordable) and I always wanted to wear em but I dont see any occasion to!

Just look at how cute this one is:

Red Xmas Stockings!

Okay I know – Christmas is over. But so what?!! Cannot ah?!  Woohoo<3

Floral Print Stockings

This stocking has such a pretty floral print but I HATE that I only see minahs wearing this so far…somemore they wear it until it doesnt look that nice anymore!  You just imagine:







 and Floral Print Stockings

Enough said. 





But this is definitely the newest way Ive seen lingerie worn EVER:

Why? Why would you do that?! Makes the lingerie all dirty, no face, it looks like your lingerie stretched to become granny panties… I dont undertstand this.

Oh well, whether for sports, minahs or everyone else, what do you think of the website? Let me know.

Anto ❤


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